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Whenever two or more people interact, either as individuals or as part of a group, there is always potential for conflict. It is no different when you interact with young people in a work setting: the potential for conflict is present. It is important that you are aware of that potential so that you are able to identify a conflict situation and intervene appropriately to control it.
Workers dealing with young people are often confronted with difficult situations in which they may be asked to assist in resolving young people's problems and conflicts. These may be internal problems of relationships within a youth group, or relationships between young people and those in authority, or even conflict between yourself and the young people you are working with.
This program has been designed to help you understand the nature of conflict and its effects on people in a range of contexts, both at an individual and at a group level. We will also look at the processes involved in behavior that occurs between different groups, called inter-group behaviour, and its potential impact on group members.

Program Benefits

When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
identify examples of conflict in the region where you live, understand their origins and describe the course the conflicts have taken.
Recognize the different approaches that have been used in resolving conflict, and the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches.
Apply the insights gained from studying conflict situations to the kinds of conflict that are encountered in youth development work.
Recognize the existence of pre-conflict and conflict situations when they are encountered in different youth and development settings.
Employ negotiation and mediation skills in bringing together conflicting groups or individuals.
Consider strategies to resolve conflict when agreement cannot be reached by consensus.

Who Should Attend?

Youth workers in government departments, corporations and NGOs.
Young leaders.
Youth Program coordinators.
School and University teachers.
Professionals responsible for youth policy formulation and strategy development.
Police department officers.

Program Outline

Day 1
Analysing conflict
Conflict in groups
The conflict process model

Day 2
The Five Stages
Resolving Conflict
Dealing with conflict
Ending conflict
Practicing conflict resolution skills
Bargaining strategies
Negotiation skills

Day 3
Conflict Among Groups
Inter-group relations
Impact of conflict on group dynamics
Managing conflict among groups Updated on 10 October, 2018

About Matsh Youth Development

Matsh is a Youth Development enterprise aims to provide developmental services and programs for young people. The main objective of Matsh is to professionalize youth work in the Middle East and North Africa region by providing Youth Development and Youth Work capacity building programs for youth workers, formulating code of ethics and standards for youth work sector in MENA region, providing policy and strategy development and management consultancy for youth development institutions.

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