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Windows Vista introduces some of the most important changes that have been made in Windows Explorer and file management in general, since the release of Windows 95. The new design ± or Windows Explorer includes a details pane that lets you see extended properties and metadata files. The details pane also  includes thumbnails that offer a visual representation of the file. The new snapshot search function, integrated in all browser windows, improves file search. This course will provide the knowledge needed to manage files with Windows Explorer, create and save files on removable media, work with Windows programs and print on Windows Vista.

  • use Windows Explorer
  • recognize how to move or copy folders
  • move files, resolve conflicts file transfer and burn files to disk
  • add properties to files
  • Use all of search to look for a more suitable file
  • copy multiple files
  • add tags to a file
  • search for a file by its label
  • bá¡sicas programs perform tasks
  • start a program
  • change the default program for a task
  • uninstall a program
  • prepare the computer for printing
  • print a file
  • add a printer and set print options
  • print a file

The Cisco Learning Partner Conference in Montreal, Canada, New Horizons was awarded the Worldwide Acceleration and Transformation Partner of the Year Award.

“They are honored to be recognized for the strong partnership that They have had with Learning@Cisco this past year,” said Bryan Ochs, VP of Global Products and Programs. “They look forward to our continued collaboration to further innovate on Cisco learning products that enhance and transform the Cisco student learning experience for our New Horizon clients.”

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