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If you are new to programming and want to be able to develop different kind of applications, with or without database, the tutorials in this course will teach you step by step with practical exercises during each lesson. Even if you don't have any prior knowledge of programming you can easilyunderstand the lessonsand the exercises.

In this course you will learn different basic to advance programmingtechniquesusing Windows Forms. In start you will learnhow to display any text to the user throughMessage Box. Then gradually further you will learn how to work on Variables, Loops,Decision Making, Menus, Dialogues as well as working with different controls like Text Box, Radio Button, Check Box, Combo Box, Progress Bar, Timer controland more. You will alsocover many other interestingtopics.

In last you will create a Database Application in which you will Add, Delete, Modify some records in database through your application and then you will call the saved data in report using reportparameters.

After completing this course and your practicehopefully you willbe able to develop mid-level application yourself with a professional interface and coding.

Updated on 14 November, 2018
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