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    Vagrant UP

    This is a comprehensive course designed to show how to setup local development environments using Vagrant and related tools.

    Course Outline

    Introduction provides an overview for the course, cover the core concepts for Vagrant, how to get the course materials.

    Installation provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup Vagrant, VirtualBox, and other tools needed for the rest of the course on both Windows and Mac platforms.

    Getting Started walks through the basics of using Vagrant and how to version control (using Git) a project using Vagrant.

    Boxes covers how to find, manage and use Vagrant boxes.

    Plugins walks through finding, using and managing plugins in Vagrant in order to extend Vagrant's functionality.

    Provisioning covers how to write file and shell provisioners to automatically install software when Vagrant first runs or on demand. After learning the basics of provisioning, this section ends with a full-fledged LAMP-stack provisioned.

    Multiple Virtual Machines walks through using Vagrant with a multiple VM configuration, when we dissect the LAMP stack in the previous section and create two virtual machine definitions within one configuration file.

    Conclusion has some final thoughts on Vagrant and provides links to resources for additional learning.

    Bonus! sections will be coming soon. Covering more in-dept or advanced topics.

    Course Features

    Presentations provide audio/video training of conceptual ideas in each major area or introduction of new concepts.

    Screencasts provide a video of the instructor's computer system with any actions, commands, or screens displayed and narrated. There are several hours of screencat video content -- it makes up the vast majority of the course. Any command line based screencast will include a command listing in the lecture downloads.

    Several attachments throughout the course provide supplemental information, illustrations, or other reference material.

    Updated on 22 March, 2018
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