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With tables and graphics utilities for Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can sort, analyze and format data with ease. In Word 2007, you can insert a table by selecting the corresponding design ± or a list of preformatted tables, or by selecting the number of columns and rows you need. You can insert a table in the design ± or normal document or nest it in another table to increase its complexity. Also, there may be times when you need to insert Excel data or graphics in a Word document, and podrá¡ do it with just a few simple steps in Word 2007. This course describes how to create, modify and Word format tables 2007, in addition to tasks such as inserting and deleting table elements, change the size ± or table, merging and splitting cells, sorting data, using simple formulas and convert a table into text. Similarly, this course explains various ma © All to insert, link and embed Excel objects in Word documents as well as insert graphics and formatting.

  • insert a table
  • create a table
  • format a table
  • display or hide grid lines
  • convert text into a table and vice versa
  • add a cell, row or column to a table
  • merge cells in a table
  • sort the contents of a table
  • create a table from Word integrated options
  • edit and format a table
  • sort the contents of a table
  • create and format a table in Word
  • embed a selection of cailculo Excel sheet into a Word document
  • distinguish between linked objects and embedded objects
  • establish a link to an Excel sheet cá¡lculo in a Word document
  • insert a graph in a Word document
  • paste an Excel graph in Word
  • cá¡lculo insert a sheet of Excel as a linked object in a Word document
  • Excel insert a graph in a Word document

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