Urban Arabic Elementary : Intensive Saifi Institute for Arabic Language
  • Increased clarity and speed connecting letters
  • Ability to recognize some words without having to sound them out
  • Ability to write and recognize common names and words
  • Read and fill in basic forms (i.e. arrival/departure card, personal information questionairre)
  • Days of the week
  • Periods of the day and meals
  • Numbers and counting objects up to infinity
  • Noun types: mass and count
  • Bargaining skills
  • Adjectives, comparative and superlative forms
  • ("to be") used in past & future
  • Conjugate verbs in past aspect
  • Colors
  • Clothes, shopping vocabulary
  • Progressive/repetative mood marker
  • Active Participle
  • Months, holidays & occasions
  • Express change and the perfect tense using 
  • Derived adjectives

Saifi Institute for Arabic Language was created to fill a gap in Arabic instruction left by formal (Modern Standard) Arabic cTheirses and curriculum: the need to understand and communicate in the spoken form of Arabic most commonly used by Arabs in their homes, businesses and amongst friends. Saifi Institute's Urban Arabic curriculum is the culmination of this effort, based on the input of thousands of students and years of hard work. It focuses on the Arabic Lebanese (and Syrians, and Palestinians) use in daily life. Whether ordering food, negotiating prices, reading the news or hosting business meetings, Their curriculum will teach you what you need to know to communicate effectively.

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