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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Duration / Course length: Upto 24 Hours
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    Course details

    Social Media is more than a decade old now and yet many businesses are still procrastinating about whether to get involved. That means many are 10 years behind the curve. This course is designed to bring you up to date with what's happening in the world of social media, to get you up to speed with the tools and platforms available and allow you to communicate effectively with your target audience, on the channel of their choice in their favorite form of media.

    This course uses a combination of case studies, workshop sessions, knowledge share and group discussions to provide an interactive approach to knowledge transfer. A hands-on approach will allow you to tailor the topics to your organization's requirements.

    Course Objectives and Career Options
    • Understand just how essential social media is to the future of your company
    • Have a clear process for creating your social media strategy
    • Evaluate the social media landscape to establish your avatar
    • Understand how to use the most appropriate tools and channels to your advantage
    • Learn how to amplify your message and place it in front of your target audience at just the right time
    • Discover how to have social media support the business direction and objectives quarter by quarter
    • Understand how social media feeds into your online reputation and how the line between personal and professional is permanently blurred
    Course Outline
    • Understanding Social Media
    • Facebook Advertising Fundamentals
    • Facebook Advertising Overview
    • Understanding Facebook Ads
    • Creating Facebook Ads
    • Additional Advertising Options
    • Managing Existing Ads
    • Viewing Advertising Data
    • Implementing Best Practices
    • Twitter for Business
    • Using Twitter for Business
    • Smart Twitter Account Setup for Business
    • Tweeting Strategically
    • Creating Engagement Opportunities
    • Creating a Rich Twitter Experience
    • Managing Your Twitter Activity
    • Integrating Twitter with Other Online Marketing
    • LinkedIn for Business
    • Developing Your LinkedIn Business Strategy
    • Finding Your Audience
    • Engaging Your Audience
    • Creating a Dynamic Company Page
    • Content Marketing with Your Company Page
    • Recruiting with LinkedIn
    • Google+ for Business
    • Using Google+ Pages for Business
    • Getting Started
    • Adding and Customizing Your Information
    • Google+ Pages Management and Awareness Building
    • Optimizing Your Google+ Pages for Google+
    • Tips and Tricks for Marketing with Google+ Pages
    • Measuring Your Google+ Page Success
    • Troubleshooting
    • Blogging Strategies
    • Blogging Overview
    • Setting up a Blog
    • Blog Posting
    • Blog Marketing
    • Making Money with Your Blog
    • Pinterest for Business
    • Pinterest Basics
    • Marketing with Pinterest
    • YouTube for Business
    • Optimizing Your Channel
    • Optimizing Your Videos
    • Uploading Your Videos
    • Introducing to the Popular Social Networking Sites
    • Strategies and Planning for Social Networking Sites
    • Social Media Growth
    • Becoming an Enlightened Social Media User
    • Posting Strategies
    • Monitoring your Social Identity
    Target Audience
    This course is suitable for a variety of professions and for all levels of marketing and business experience. This course is designed for those with the responsibility of developing or implementing an organisation's online marketing strategy, such as:
    • Senior Management
    • Marketing and Business Development Managers
    • Marketing Executives
    • Small Business Owners
    • IT Managers
    • Anyone who would like to pursue a career in digital marketing
    Updated on 20 May, 2020

    About Learners Point Training Institute

    LearnersPoint, Dubai, is one of the top professional skill development institutions in the Middle East with close to 2 decades of industry experience in helping organizations achieve progressive and sustainable results. Whether you’re managing top-notch technology initiatives, developing your talent pipeline, we offer customizable and time-tested learning solutions that arm you for success. As an innovator in best-practices training products and services, our portfolio of training solutions ranges from IT, project management, logistics and supply chain, human resources, finance and accounting, digital marketing, autodesk products, office administration, ERP solution, and also includes high end courses like cloud technolgies, blockchain, strategic management and mini MBA. LearnersPoint is affiliated by KHDA, Government of Dubai and is also one of the institutes to have a prestigious recognition from CPD UK. Choose from in-person or live online classroom training, we will deliver nothing but the best.

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