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Would you like to achieve an accredited agile and scrum essentials course, which will demonstrate a high level of skill and knowledge? Look no further than this fantastic Scrum and Agile Essentials online course.

Throughout this outstanding Scrum and Agile course you’ll be transformed into a project management champion! If you would like to master a project management process which is flexible and can be applied to any industry, Scrum and Agile are the answer! This online scrum and Agile course will focus on leadership, communication, and streamlining your tasks. You’ll become a Scrum Master with this online course, and will be able to transform the way your organisation performs projects.

Working as a Scrum Master you’ll have the tools to maximise your team’s efforts towards goals, and will be able to remove any obstacles in their way. During this online Scrum and Agile course you’ll learn how to execute the agile methodology, and will be expertly trained in implementing it. For a project management method which gets the job done, this online course is for you.

What will I learn?
  • Understand the Agile methodology
  • Understand the Scrum cycle
  • Learn to implement scrum and Agile methods
  • Learn to carry out sprints
  • Study examples to improve your use of Agile and Scrum
Course Curriculum

1: What Is Agile
2: Agile History
3: Agile Manifesto
4: Agile Principles
5: Agile Characteristics
6: Advantages Of Agile
7: Agile And Its Relevance To Digitalization
8: Examples Of Agile Projects
9: The Scrum Methodology
10: Scrum Roles
11: Scrum Features
12: Why Scrum?
13: The Scrum Process
14: Plan And Estimate
15: The Daily Stand Up
16: Sprint Review
17: Sprint Retrospective
18: Sprint Demo
19: Sprint Release Process
20: Project Vision
21: Scrum Master And Stakeholders
22: Epics In Scrums
23: User Stories
24: Creating A Prioritized Backlog
25: Release Planning
26: Scrum Framework
27: Scrum Of Scrums
28: Sprint Demo

Course Description:

This Agile and Scrum online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the key topics listed under the curriculum.

Course Duration:

You will have 12 Months access to your online study platform from the date you purchased the course. The course is self-paced so you decide how fast or slow the training goes. You can complete the course in stages revisiting the training at any time.

Method of Assessment:

At the end of the course, learners will take an online multiple choice question assessment test. The online test is marked straight away, so you will know immediately if you have passed the course.


Successful candidates will be awarded a Scrum and Agile certificate. Updated on 04 February, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

  • Learners must be age 16 or over and should have a basic understanding of the English Language, numeracy, literacy, and ICT.

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  • Assessment and certification

To show understanding of your learning, you’ll be assessed by Study 365 on completion of your modules. 

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