Grant Thornton India Diploma in IFRS (DIPIFR) Grant Thornton India
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Course details

Covering syllabus of ACCA Diploma in IFRS program
Asset Accounting
IAS 16 - Property Plant & Equipment
IFRS 16 - Leases
IAS 2 - Inventories
IAS 20- Accounting for government grants and Disclosure of government assistance
IAS 23 - Borrowing Costs
IAS 38 - Intangible Assets
IAS 36 - Impairment of assets
IAS 40 - Investment property
IAS 41 - Agriculture
IFRS 5 - Non current assets held for sale and discontinued operations
IFRS 15 - Revenue received from customers
IAS 1 - Presentation of financial statements
IAS 8 - Change in accounting policies, estimates and errors
IAS 10 - Events after reporting period
IFRS 8- Operating segments 
IAS 12 - Income taxes
IAS 19 - Employee benefits
IAS 37 - Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
IFRS 2 - Share based payments
Group Accounting
IFRS 3 - Business Combinations
IFRS 10 - Consolidated Financial Statements
IFRS 11 - Joint arrangements
IAS 27 - Separate financial statements
IAS 28 - Investment in associates
Other Areas
IAS 21 - The effect of changes in foreign exchange rates
IAS 24 - Related Party
IFRS 1- First time adoption of IFRS
IAS 33 - Earnings per share
IFRS 6 - Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources
Financial Instruments
IFRS 9 - Financial Instruments
IAS 32 - Financial Instruments: Presentations
Practical sessions
Practice session on Consolidation
Practice session on other topics Updated on 03 January, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

Charterterd accountant
Masters with 2 years of experience
Bachelors with 3 years of experience

About Grant Thornton India

At Grant Thornton India, Learning and Development Academy is an upskilling service offering of Grant Thornton providing result-oriented finance and accounting courses to professionals and students. Our impactful programmes can be customised to help you gain skills and capabilities in your areas of interest.

we provide training on various programs

Financial Modelling
Finance for non Finance
Transfer pricing
New Accounting standards – IFRS 15 and IFRS 16

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