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  • Duration / Course length: Upto 40 Hours
  • Timings: Flexible

    Course details

    Graphic Designing Training in Dubai:
    Graphic Designing is an exciting, fast-moving area and the career prospective is lucrative. Graphic designers play an important role in every business; they take a concept & develop it into pictures and slogans so that it is reflective and remembered by the audience. In uncertain economic times a career in graphic designing is a better bet than many so-called ‘safer’ professions. Graphic Designing is used around the world to create the brochures, flyers, business card, logo design, presentations and much more. This course prepares students to understand a wide variety of ideas, concepts and solutions of graphic designing. The core objective is to enable the candidates to become a professionally qualified graphic designer.
    Graphic Designing Training in Dubai Objective:
       Graphic designers analyze and create images visually for businesses and organizations. These professionals have a deep understanding of visual communication and are able to implement styles of design and achieve the client’s goals. Although the specific objectives of the graphic designer are determined by the customer, several career goals are universal.
       One of the main objectives of a graphic designer is to develop the designs according to the specifications outlined by the client. Graphic designers may work for private individuals as well as small and large companies in all industries. Moreover, you can also work as a freelance graphic designer in Dubai after this graphic design course in Dubai. A designer should be able to create images according to the project objectives. A graphic designer must determine the most effective way to convey the desired client using photography, animation, illustration and color message. To create the image, a graphic designer must meet with clients to determine what are the major objectives of the project and then produce a design to meet those requirements.
    Graphic Designing Training in Dubai Contents:
    • Design principles
    • Typography
    • Color theory
    • Visual communication
    • Professional skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
    • Pre-press
    • Logo Design
    • Business cards, letterheads, advertisements, brochures, and posters
    • Project management
    What You Will Learn:
       Undergraduate students seeking a professional degree in Graphic Design will demonstrate proficiency in design principles, design process, theory, history, and contemporary design practice. Students will develop an understanding of the design process and problem-solving methods and explore the effect graphic design has upon the human environment from social responsibility, sustainability, and interdisciplinary perspectives. Students will demonstrate proficiency in identified technical skills, understand, and apply basic principles in the process of creating, analyzing, and evaluating graphic design solutions in relation to specific end uses and consumer needs. Students will demonstrate proficiency in research, writing, communication, and presentation skills.
    I. Graphic Design: Specific knowledge and skills
    A. Acquire, articulate, and apply specialized terminology and knowledge relevant to
    graphic design including relationships to other disciplines and to contemporary
    global issues.
    B. Assess, predict, and articulate the influence and importance of graphic design
    issues within the human environment from social responsibility, sustainability and
    interdisciplinary perspectives.
    C. Acquire and demonstrate competency in technical skills applicable to graphic
    D. Demonstrate the ability to use design thinking strategies in an iterative design
    E. Demonstrate the ability to analyze, synthesize, and develop probable solutions.
    II. General knowledge and skills
    A. Communicate concepts, design solutions, and arguments clearly and concisely
    through visual, verbal, and written means.
    B. Access information through traditional and new technologies and synthesize this
    information for problem-solving activities.
    C. Critically analyze and evaluate information from multiple sources and diverse
    D. Understand the relationship of graphic design to other disciplines and to society.
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    Eligibility / Requirements

    Any person can join this course

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