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    Course Description:

    Organisations in the 21st Century continues to grow and expand in an environment where markets are fast evolving, traditional wisdoms are becoming blurred and competitive dynamics are changing. In order for organisations to sustain this growth, and maintain a competitive advantage, they would need to ensure that aspects such as strategy, processes, structure and talent are aligned and directed toward creating the requisite future organisational capacity.

    This Course will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to create the required organisational capacity through applying relevant Organisation Design frameworks, methodologies, and tools to align strategy, processes, structure and talent in a manner that creates clear boundaries and interdependencies between divisions, departments and positions, and which facilitates individual clarity of purpose and expectation, and collective alignment and focus, thereby breaking through the bureaucratic boundaries that traditional managerial hierarchies are often characterised by.

    How attendees will benefit?

    After completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:
    • Having successfully completed this workshop, delegates will have an understanding of, and comfort in the application of the theories, models and approaches related to organisational processes such as Strategy Translation, Business Process Design, Organisation Design, Organisation Development, Talent and Performance Management, in order to create the required organisational capacity in light of specific business requirements.
    Course Content:

    The programme covers the following topics:
    •  Organisational complexity and  capacity
    •  Organisation Design Theory
    •  What are the "rules of the game"?
    •  Does structure follow strategy, or strategy follow structure?
    • Translation of the Business Operating Model and Business Processes Architecture
    •  The Business Case
    •  Capacity Creation through Organisation, Work and Job Design
    • The holy grail in moving mountains - Capacity Creation through making strategy and structure work
    • Define the components and end-to-end process to follow for effective Organisation Development and Change Navigation through the application of various Models / Approaches and the requisite processes
    • Be able to apply various Models / Approaches and the requisite processes  in building the required capacity and aligning talent through effective Talent and Performance Management 
    • Have a high level understanding on the creation of the required people capacity through processes such as Talent Identification and Selection, Talent Development, Performance Management and Reward and Recognition

    Course Style:
    • Lecture or One-to-One training style.
    • In house training.
    • Group Training.
    • Practical Training.
    We provide this course in any place and at any time suitable for you. Updated on 22 March, 2018

    Eligibility / Requirements

    This course is open for all staff of different levels from different departments in private and public sectors.

    •HR Practitioners • HR Professionals • HR Managers • Change Management Practitioners • Operations Managers • Business Managers • Process Owners • Enterprise Architects

    About British Academy For Training & Development

    British Academy For Training & Development (BATD) is one of the leading Academies across the world in training and development solutions. Our vision has been workable, achievable and realistic, our resources to contributed to achieving it.  Our services are open to all levels of organizations and people, since we believe in enabling and enhancing knowledge and skills. We operate in different parts of the world in more than 35 countries.

    Through our specialized work in Management, Media, PR and Information Technology, we are working to:
    - Improve organizational performance through customized training and development solutions.
    - Enhance people’s skills and their ability to embrace changing career patterns, global mobility, technological developments and new ways of working.
    - Provide organizations and individuals with unique opportunities to exchange business and management experience and knowledge on a global level.
    - Provide customized and VIP training with very flexible and comfortable services for our values costumers.

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