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    The ILM Level 7 Leadership & Management qualification provides the opportunity for you to reflect, explore and evaluate where you are as a leader, how you can be future ready, and how you can naviage through the challenges of ; You will be afforded the opportunity to explore strategies, theories, application, techniques and best practices to further support and developyour skills as a leaader and manager.

    Course Structure
    The ILM Diploma requires that you complete 60 credits  - you must complete all three mandatory units to obtain the qualification

    Unit 1- Developing Leadership & Management Capability through Enquiry - 20 Credits
    Assessing the challenges ahead, regionally, globally, what competencies are required to tackle these issues?  What Makes a Great Business Leader?   How can we future proof our leadership skill set?   Going beyond leadership stereotypes, exploring cross cultural trends, social and emotional intelligence, looking at leadership in action.
    Reviewing assessing own leadership competencies and development. Leadership in context - Ethical leadership
    The ability to think critically and to make informed decisions is crucial to the leadership role, tools for generating a problem solving approach to leadership challenges is essential.
    Evidenced based management 
    Making informed decisions - Tools to help you clarify the problem, generate ideas, develop and implement more creative solutions
    Be able to generate and evaluate viable options and apply decision-making techniques  Critical thinking -  
    Tools and strategies to generate innovative responses to business problems and opportunities 

    Unit 2 - Developing a high-level Business Case
    20 Credits
    Navigating the winds of Change and volatility
    The current global business climate ensures dynamic change will be a major concern for the discerning leader. Despite the best efforts, creating stability, healthy organisations and being responsive to business environments will continue to challenge leaders.
    Becoming a strong visionary as a tool for fighting volatility
    Communication strategies for creating corporate "buy in" for vision
    Becoming an 'agent for change'
    The psychology of change and uncertainty
    Stakeholder management - Developing a vision that engages and resonates with stakeholders
    Fresh perspectives, collaboration and dealing with complexity
    Developing agility in decision making
    Developing a high-level business case

    Unit 3 - Developing & Maintaining High Performance Culture & Optimising Resources  
    20 Credits 
    Reviewing organisational vision, business context, operating environments
    Shaping the vision into a strategy with an emphasis on outputs, ownership and performance
    Linking strategic planning and decision making with business' overall objectives. Strategic planning and influencing factors
    Establishing relevant metrics for optimum performance
    Assessing and benchmarking performance, against organisational strategy
    Case study - Implementation of The Balanced Scorecard
    operational management - developing excellence 
    Determining quality - TQM approach to excellence
    Identification of risks and challenges to current ways of working
    Managing corporate risks
    Developing robust systems and strategies to minimize corporate risks 
    Establish strategies for the development and maintenance of high levels of performance that take account of stakeholder needs, identified risks, challenges and diversity
    As part of your qualification, you will be required to complete an assessment in relation to all of the units on your ; ILM's approach to assessment is to ensure that it enables you apply and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and awareness to real-life workplace challenges.
     In order to obtain this prestigious and highly recognised qualification, you will need to complete an assessment for each unit, which is usually 1 assessment per ;  Assessments can be taken in a variety of formats, from presentations to written reports.
    Resources and Support
    As part of this course you will be provided with the essential requirements for success!  You will be allocated an experienced and expert Leadership E-coach who will provide support and guidance throughout your ; They will assist you with the completion of your assessments, providing feedback and ; You will also be provided with access to a range of resources, both online and hard copy ; As part of the course you will receive complimentary ILM studying membership, the benefits of which include:
    Complimentary subscription to Edge magazine, the Institute's leadership and management magazine
    The Ci Zone, free access to a suite of interactive career development tools and resources.
    The Resource Centre brings you the access to latest leadership and management thinking through a free online catalogue of e-books, business books summaries and thousands of e-journal articles.
    The Learning Zonehas over 400 digital learning resources covering essential management and leadership topics, many of which have been mapped to directly support learners on the ILM programmes.
    Full access to the ILM Insight  - where managers, leaders, HR professionals, training experts,
    academics and opinion-formers come to network, share advice and find hot topics and research.

    What is included in the cost?
    • Registration and certification
    • Course materials/handbook/e-learning resources
    • ILM Studying Membership
    • Assessment marking and feedback on assessments
    An allocated tutor who provides support and guidance Updated on 09 July, 2018

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Who should attend?
    This course is for those with management experience in senior roles and who would like to gain a professional leadership qualification. This course is ideal for:
     Company Directors • Senior functional managers • Regional directors or country managers • Heads of multiple business units within an organisation and Senior managers aspiring to leadership roles

    You must have a good standard of English

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