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    Problems communicating? Does your child experience meltdowns when they can't express themselves? Love to take away the pain of frustration? Well, now you can. Become a Power Parent and teach your child the 3 SIMPLE METHODS to help them overcome barriers in social and communication. Quickly and easily. Empower your family and watch your child thrive today! 

    Using simple, hand crafted and specially re-written Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods, I will personally guide you through to shifting your child's mindset in social skills through simple role play and games.

    This course is ideal for the parents of children on the autistic spectrum who want to develop their child's social and communication skills to a level of confidence, independence and ability for the outside world. Children will benefit the most who are 11 years old or above and who are facing a transitional period in their lives which may involve moving from primary to secondary school to college or to work. This course is designed for both parent(s) and child to take part and learn together.

    This course works using key four primary methods of developing skills quickly and effectively in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

    These are;

    1. Thought Logs and Schemas
    2. Tic Toc Method 
    3. ABC model

    It is these factors which have been used successfully in Cognitive Psychology for over 50 years. Students will learn basic terminology used in CBT easily in this course.

    The course illustrates the usage of CBT in the past with mental conditions and cognitive barriers using easy to follow videos, short reading material and exercises tailored to enable the learning experience of both child and parent fun and entertaining.

    To work straight through this course one module another, will take approx 2hours. However, it is encouraged that exercises are practised more than once and regular for maximum results. Each friendly and informal video is designed to guide the family along the path thoroughly before each exercise.

    Using tried and tested methods long used in CBT, Michelle Hatcher; a CBT Therapist, brings together her very personal slant on these methods, her clients and her own Autistic son have benefited from over the last 15 years.

    You can find the official course handbook on Amazon 'UNLEASH THE POSITIVE MIND'

    Updated on 17 August, 2016
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