Trade-wings Institute of Management Understanding Cabin Crew Career Trade-wings Institute of Management
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  • Accredited by: IAO
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course details

Cabin crew career is perceived to be very glamorous by most aspirants however, this is the biggest misconception. It is very demanding job which requires you to be on your toes all the time, learn new things at every stage, undergo recurrent training regularly, keep physically and mentally fit despite the challenging conditions and yet provide the best in-flight service to the most demanding passengers. This course will throw light on all the core activities of this career and help the aspirants to know the right things before they select this as their career!

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the evolution of Cabin Crew Career 
  • Know different duties performed by Cabin Crew 
  • Know about details of this career and requisites 
  • Understand customer service attributes 
  • Gain knowledge on Cabin Crew Rostering and regulations on duty time 
  • Understand Uniform and Grooming Standards 
  • Gain knowledge of all aspects of cabin crew training including emergency and fire fighting 
  • Understand causes and remedies for Jet lag 
  • Understand Career Progression for Cabin Crew Career 
  • Know about selection & recruitment process of Cabin Crew 
  • Understand how to handle the cabin crew interview
Course Outline:

  • Evolution of Cabin Crew Career 
  • Nature of Duties 
  • Cabin Crew Career & Requisites 
  • Customer Service Attributes 
  • Regulations on Duties 
  • Crew Scheduling (Rostering) 
  • Uniform & Grooming Standards 
  • Cabin Crew Training 
  • Emergency Training 
  • Fire Fighting 
  • Overcoming Jetlag 
  • Career Progression 
  • Interview Techniques 

Updated on 18 March, 2019

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