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    Do you want to follow someone to make a project or you want to learn,  understand and create your own projects?  Do you want to be taught how to program web applications in PHP from concept to finishing? Do you want explanations to why, how and when to get things done? I believe your answers are; You want to learn,  understand and create your own projects, you want to know "HOW TO" and YES, you want to be taught with explanations. This course builds on your basic PHP knowledge. If you are a beginner to PHP or have not yet built or found the Confidence to tackle simple, complicated useful PHP Techniques then this course is for you. 

    This course is structured to help you take up projects from its inception to finishing with respect to PHP Web Application Development. We are going to take up this course with all seriousness and we are going to use project management methodology to tackle it.  

    You will learn to take up projects from inception to finishing 

    You will learn PHP | PDO | AJAX | MySQL | OOP

    You will learn how to use API such as Paypal to process and Verify Payments with PDT

    You will learn how to make dynamic search such has google search with additional criteria

    You will learn how to use Open Source Classes such as PHPMailer to send HTLM Messages with File Attachments    

    You will learn Pagination and how to process multiple forms on a single page

    You will learn to convert Excel work sheet to a usable sql file for Online Databases 

    You will learn and build Admin Dashboard, Client Memberships and Privileges  

    The concepts you will learn from this course will enable you build and work with CMS projects, eCommerce Apps, Directory Apps and any PHP build system out there so that you can start making money as a freelancer or a full time employer.

    We shall learn how to successfully manage projects using Project Management methodology with Project Planning Concepts and Gannt Chart. 

    You need basic PHP for this course. I have both free and professional course where I explained the basics of PHP | OOP | AJAX | PDO and MySQL. Kindly take that course or any Basic PHP course out there before you take this course. 

    Thank You. 

    Updated on 20 July, 2016
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