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In this four-days course,will cover InfoGraphics: Why visual communication matters, Types of infographics, Focusing on message and accuracy, Researching the infographic, Building a wireframe design, Publishing and marketing your infographic, Visualizing data vs. presenting data.In the design part we will cover the static and animated infographics Adobe Illustrator: Understanding the anatomy of an Illustrator graph, Formatting data with Illustrator, Defining the scale for charts, Adding numeric values, Designing your own chart from scratch, Creating simple icons, Building line, bar, column, and matching-scale charts, Adding a table with threaded text, Creating a layered PDF for distribution. Adobe After effects:Getting to know the workflow, Creating a basic animation, Animating text, Working with shape layers, Animating a multimedia presentation, Animating layers, Working with masks, Rendering and outputting. Please click on the course outlines Tab for more information.

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Discuss the basics of visual communication and how it translates into infographic design 
  • Providing a background on visual communication and how to think like an infographic designer 
  • Principles of success designs 

Lesson 2: Why Visual Communication Matters

  • The power of infographics 
  • What is visual communication? 
  • The science behind visual communication

Lesson 3: Types of Visual Communication 

  • What is an infographic really? 
  • What is a motion graphic? 
  • What is an interactive infographic? 
  • What other types of visual communication exist?

Lesson 4: The Rules of Infographic Design

  • Always think about CON-text 
  • Focusing on one message 
  • People care less than goldfish 
  • Good content is 50% of a successful infographic 
  • Using correct data visualizations throughout

Lesson 5: The Process of Infographic DesignResearching your infographic ​
  • Researching your infographic 
  • Wireframing your infographic using Adobe Illustrator 
  • Setting your design up for success 
  • Adobe Illustrator and the graphing tools 
  • Adobe Illustrator quick tips 
  • Managing edits 
  • Challenge: Editing infographics 
  • Solution: Editing infographics 
  • Lesson 6: How to Get Your Infographic Seenh4
    • Planning ahead 
    • Marketing do's and don'ts 
    • Understanding PR and HARO 
    • Measuring success 
    • Chapter Quiz 
    • Conclusion

    Lesson 7: Key Concepts

    • The infographic vs. the presentation
    • Finding stories in data: Questions and answers
    • Visualizing data vs. presenting data
    • The infographics toolset
    • The five keys to a great infographic

    Lesson 8: Illustrator and Data

    • An overview of the Illustrator graph functions
    • The anatomy of an Illustrator graph
    • Formatting and using data with Illustrator

    Lesson 9: Customizing Charts in Illustrator

    • Modifying Illustrator graph settings
    • Defining the value scale for a chart
    • Defining a design for Illustrator charts
    • Applying a chart design to a column
    • Applying a chart design to a marker
    • Adding numeric values with column designs
    • Designing your own chart

    Lesson 10: Project: Create an Infographic

    • The data, the story, and the sketch
    • Reviewing the infographic document
    • Adding and customizing a stacked bar chart
    • Creating simple icons for power sources
    • Finalizing the total energy chart
    • Adding and styling a line chart
    • Adding custom markers to the line chart
    • Finalizing the renewable energy chart
    • Adding a table using threaded text
    • Creating a solar-panel-pattern background
    • Adding graphical data points for wind and solar
    • Adding a sliding column chart for wind power
    • Adding a matching-scale chart for solar power
    • Creating a layered PDF infographic for distribution
    • Using multiple artboards for flexible export options

    Lesson 11: The Fundamentals of After Effects

    • Exploring the interface of After Effects
    • The six foundations of After Effects
    • Understanding compositions
    • Working with layers
    • Creating animation
    • Applying effects
    • Understanding rendering

    Lesson 12: Understanding Compositions

    • Importing files into After Effects
    • Exploring composition and project settings
    • Importing Photoshop files as compositions
    • Importing Illustrator files as compositions
    • Understanding Pre-compose
    • Importing and interpreting footage

    Lesson 13: Building Compositions with Layers

    • Defining layers
    • Understanding the Timeline buttons and switches
    • Creating type layers
    • Kerning-type power shortcuts
    • Understanding layer solids
    • Layer compositing: Masks, switches, and blend modes
    • Creating design elements with shape layers
    • Using track mattes

    Lesson 14: Creating Animation

    • Understanding animation
    • Adding and adjusting keyframes
    • Understanding keyframe interpolation
    • Adjusting keyframes in the Graph Editor
    • The power of parenting
    • Using null objects
    • Creating expressions with the pickwhip
    • Timing animation to audio

    Lesson 15: Using Effects

    • Understanding the order of effects
    • Generating backgrounds with effects
    • Animating strokes with effects
    • Using adjustment layers
    • Adding gradients and glows
    • Correcting exposure and color with Color Finesse 3

    Lesson 16: Exporting and Rendering

    • Rendering with Adobe Media Encoder
    • Rendering graphics in the render queue
    • Pre-rendering with Render and Replace
    • Working smarter: One render, multiple outputs

    Lesson 17: Animating Type and Info Graphics

    • Creating type animators
    • Creating and animating type on a path
    • Animating shape layers
    • Animating repeating shape layers
    • Animating brush strokes with Paint

    Lesson 18: Project Management and Essential Preferences

    • Archiving your projects
    • Removing unused footage
    • Moving compositions between projects
    • Optimizing preferences
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