Manicure and Pedicure Kontar Beauty Training Center
Price: AED 2,500

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    Course Overview
    Lesson 1 (theory)
    • About the world of cosmetics
    • Initial preparation
    • Work station
    • Work and preparation
    • Hygiene
    • Cleanliness of the place
    • Appearance and personal hygiene
    • Tools and sterilization
    • Receiving and preparing the client
    • Creating mutual trust between the beautician and the client
    • Discovering and identifying the nine personalities of a woman 
    Lesson 2:   Nails (theory)
    • Composition and internal structure of the nail
    • Defect and disorder of the nail
    • Disease and weakness
    • Maintaining clean and healthy nails
    Lesson 3:   Manicure (theory & practice)
    • Hands sterilization
    • Removing nail polish
    • Nails file
    • Preparation to remove dead skin around the nails
    • Nails and hand massage
    • Cleaning under the nails
    • French and one color nail polish
    Lesson 4:   Pedicure (theory & practice)
    • Feet sterilization
    • Nail polish removal
    • Nail file
    • Feet preparation to remove the dead skin around the nails and on the soles
    • Nails and feet massage
    • Under nails hygiene
    • French and one color nail polish
    Lesson 5:   Hand and Foot Care with paraffin (theory & practice)
    • Scrub feet
    • Massage with cream
    • Paraffin Hands and feet
    • Remove paraffin and massage 
    Lesson 6:   Care and Nutrition for Hands and Feet (theory & practice) 
    • Scrub feet
    • Massage with oil
    • Apply nourishing mask
    • Remove mask and massage with cream
    Lesson 7:   Nail design (theory & practice)
    • Preparation for nail design
    • Nail design
    • Different designs
    Lesson 8:   Exams (theory & practice)
    • Preparation for the exams 
    Updated on 01 March, 2021

    About Kontar Beauty Training Center

    KONTAR BEAUTY TRAINING CENTER is a beauty institute in the Arab region with academies in UAE (Dubai and Sharjah), Qatar (Doha) and Syria(Damascus).

    For those who want to utilize their talents in cosmetology, Kontar Beauty Training Center offers sophisticated artistic and scientific education that help interested candidates fulfill their ambitions in a world that's always seeking perfect beauty.

    KONTAR BEAUTY TRAINING CENTER offers a wide range of courses on basic toadvanced make-up and manicure and pedicure application and classical andtrendy hair and tattoo designing.

    Our curriculum helps groom each of our students into a professional cosmetologist.

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