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First of its kind in Middle East

             A blend of tutor-led and experiential learning methods combined with practical situations and scenarios common in the workplace, this course provides a combination of core management skills and Best Practices training essential to succeed in 21st Century workplace

Course Overview
In today’s business world, you need to manage people in a way that releases their power, stretches their contribution, and adds to their value. You can’t do this by restraining them. Nor can you do it by over-supervising their every move. The 21st century manager is someone who leads, inspires, motivates, sets an example, empowers, and creates vision. These skills no longer require just the ability to get things done but also the capacity to create new possibilities and new pathways. This 2 day workshop will focus on building a capacity of the managers in areas essential to succeed in 21st century workplace. 

Who will benefit
This course will benefit both existing and new managers at all levels:

  • Existing managers will adapt to the future and is ready to change their views of work and the role of employees in today’s workplace.
  • New managers will become familiar with the  important aspects of being a manager in the 21st Century
Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Established in 2009, Lynchpin Training is one of the leading multi-discipline training organizations in UAE. Having trained over 1100 people across Middle East from banks, asset management firms, FMCG companies, government organizations, oil and gas companies, and consulting firms, today we offer innovative and down-to-earth training solutions in finance, leadership, and management we have built reputation of Excellence.

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