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Course Description:

This course will provide a recap of the UAE labor law for attendees to gain a better understanding of current practices in the region. It will also offer an update on the regulatory trends and an insight into how to address issues that often arise in the employment context in the new economic landscape.


Participants will be provided with:

• Labor Market, Labor Policy and Labor Law and Regulations

• Regulations related to Recruitment, Employment Contracts, and Termination of Employment

• The Role of Labor Authorities and Agencies Responsible for the Implementation of Labor Laws and Policies.

• Employer Rights and Obligation under the UAE Labor Laws

• Employee Benefits, Social Security, and Pension Plans

Benefits Of Attending

• Understand key principles of the labor laws of the UAE and the regulatory and enforcement trends at the Ministry of Labor

• Manage the legal requirements organizations must fulfil in relation to salaries, end of service gratuity, and other benefits

• Comprehend employment disputes and the dispute resolution process from the Ministry of Labor through the local courts

• Adhere to the labour law when recruiting, and learn how to handle downsizing and redundancies

• Identify the special considerations involving terminations/redundancies of senior professionals, including severance pay and protecting confidential company data

Key Topics:

Module One: Introductory Concepts to UAE Labor Law

  • History and Background 
  • Introduction to the UAE Labor Law 
  • General Definitions under labor law  
  • Overview and review of key statutory enactments and the sponsorship system of the UAE labor law 
  • Who is covered by the labor law? Who is not covered? 
  • Organizations' Policies and Procedures 

Module Two: Employment contracts

  • Recruitment and employment regulations 
  • Conditions of employment under labor law  
  • Special issues for cross-border employees 
  • Employer's Employee's Rights and Responsibilities 
  • Emiratization and the recruitment of host country national employees 
  • Employment contract, records and files 
  • Hours of work and leave 
  • Handling employee benefit issues during a merger/acquisition 
  • Identifying other benefit restructuring 
  • Employee benefits during the term of employment 
  • Holding employee passports 
  • Health and safety obligations 

The End Of The Employment Relationship

  • Employee resignation 
  • Separation of employment by termination 
  • Notice periods and garden leave 
  • Disciplinary code 
  • Employee entitlements upon termination 
  • Employment disputes 
  • The Ministry of Labor process 
  • Labor and employment disputes in the local courts 
  • Protecting employer data and confidential information 
  • Interplay between employment status and visa status for terminated employees 

Important questions and answers

  • Miscellaneous info on UAE labor  
  • Case Study related to UAE labor 

Updated on 02 March, 2021

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