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When you master time management, you learn to balance the many pressures on your time and still achieve your goals. This helps you avoid burnout and stress, and allows you to be more effective. Keep in mind that time management is a personal process: only you can judge whether you are using your time wisely.

This workshop introduces the fundamentals of Time Management. Participants will learn how to evaluate the use of time, identify goals and set priorities, develop an overall time management plan, discuss the Pareto principle, assign a price to time, conduct a time audit, and correctly identify and control poor time management personality types. Workshop activities also cover managing their time to increase their productivity, developing a daily plan, managing technology, personal interactions, and paperwork to productively use their time.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Analyze how you currently spend your time and pinpoint opportunities for improvement
  • Identify which tasks are most critical to achieving your long term goals
  • Plan your time efficiently using scheduling tools
  • Control time wasters and set priority
  • Put your schedule into action, evaluate it along the way, and modify it as needed.
  • Use Technology to save Time
  • Learn how to say “No”
  • Recognize the link between Time Management and Productivity
  • Recognize the link between Communication and Time Management

Topics Covered:

  • Time Management Overview
  • Productivity Cycles
  • Time Management Plans
  • Productivity
  • Technology and Time Management
  • Information Overload


  • Learning Concepts / Presentations
  • Activities and Discussions
  • Individual and Team Exercises
  • Case studies
  • Tips and tools
  • Educational Videos
  • Individual Action Plan

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