Three- Axis surfacing Don Bosco Technique
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  • Surface construction-creating cross section, extruded, revolved ,drive curve ,offset and blended 3-D surfaces
  • Surface Filleting-building constant, rolling ball, and variable radius fillets
  • Surface machining strategies-in depth discussion of Z Rough, Cut, Planar, Z finish, Steep shallow, and 3D offset machining
  • Tool Containment using boundaries, patches, and check surfaces
  • Importing and exporting surface models in formats other than Surfcam SCPRT

About Don Bosco Technique

his childhood days in extreme poverty. ordained a priest in 1841 and practiced his activity in the city of Turin where accounted for the bulk of his interest in social conditions and moral bad that was a lot of young people coming from the countryside live in the city to seek work and livelihood. began Father Bosco his work on the leased land, but the permanent quest to seek assistance and hard work and perseverance have allotheyd the establishment of scientific and vocational school for up to seven hundred students in addition to the beautiful church dedicated to Mary, their Lady of aid. As part of his work was Don Bosco provides for young people:  First, science education and vocational training in order to fend for themselves in building the future.       Thanba: religious education in order to be Rascha faith in God.  Third, a wide range of entertainment and recreation at leisure.  reprinted fun Latif and his act friendly with Young explain the long-term success he received in his work. And optimism and willingness to help all in need and ability to hard work and hard work Okspa his influential socially and wide. 1859 Jana Don Bosco first of his education where he founded the St. Francis de Salas Association (an association of Salisseen or Salesian) with the task of these young people who have realized the value of that work and necessity The dimensions Vttoawa to help selected to stay with Don Bosco lifetime. With Santa Maria Mazarelau foundations of Don Bosco convent to raise girls officially called the Order of Girls Mary, their Lady of aid known as the Sisters of the Salesian. He died Don Bosco in January 31, 1888 in the city of Turin. and in 1934 declared a saint by Pope Pius atheist ten. celebrating its Day December 31 Second. (Adapted from Encyclopaedia Britannica) 
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