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Objectives :

• Identify the most important methods of planning public relations programs
• Recognize the importance and inevitability of modern technological methods in the professional practice of public relations and media
• Training on ways to identify the most important new technologies and methods in public relations and media
• Training to study the most important forms of communication that benefit from modern technology in public relations and media
• Training in optimal recruitment of technological users at all stages and activities of public relations
• Learn how to employ new technologies in publications, pamphlets and brochures issued by public relations

Training Content:

The role of modern technology and methods in public relations
 The concept of communication technology
 The concept of growing knowledge in public relations
 The concept of growing information under the revolution of public relations

Public Relations Jobs Under Modern Technology
• Communication functions
• Conductive functions
• Marketing functions
• Dealing with modern technology
• Modern methods in the professional practice of public relations process
Areas of technological development and public relations functions
• Multiple types of technological development
• Methods of using technology in information collection and public relations research
• Ways of employing technology in planning public relations programs
• Methods of using technology in public communication forms of communication
• Employing the methodology in introducing public relations programs "BERT_ Critical Path"
Use of PR technology in PR publications
• Standards for the development of methods of output and design of publications
• Methods of diversity and variety of advertising materials
• Use of computers in public relations publications
• Technological development, design and production of press release
• Advanced printing techniques in PR publications
• The inevitability of training in the use of technology and information tools for public relations experts
• Methods of coordination between PR managers and IT managers
Technological applications in public relations
• The most important technological applications in the means of communication and information
• Development of methods of communication and public relations
• Employment of teleconferencing in public relations
• Employ e-mail in public relations activities
• Employ mobile (mobile) and associated technologies in public relations
• Use stereoscopic imaging and imaginative images in media production in all its steps
• Utilization of design, imaging and montage technology in the production of television advertising and documentary films.
Updated on 07 May, 2019

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