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(Updated as of July 2017)
See why and how my videos helped over 170,000 students worldwide---
Learn everything about Tax Accounting in 2 hours.

What are my students saying:

"Much better than my $4,000 graduate course. Very interesting videos with a lot of information. I particularly like the videos for applying what I learned. Those questions are very good for understanding better."

"Thank you for an amazing course. I was so interested in tax accounting (strange, right?) I just kept pushing play. Great videos, very informative and engaging. I was not bored for even a minute. Most importantly, I learned a lot."

"The course is really informative. I like that the lectures are made with very interesting drawings and great visuals, instead of someone reading a power point. Good course."

"This course is very engaging, and surprisingly for a tax accounting, not boring at all. I wish I had courses like this during my college days. High quality videos, great exercises and application. This is a 10 stars course!"

"Wow! I cannot even begin to compare this course to the tax course I am taking at my university. Everything is very well explained, and not one information is omitted. I am so glad I found this course. Much, much easier to understand."

More about this course:

I believe that you should not fall asleep when learning something new. You need to be encouraged and excited instead. In order to be excited about learning, you need to understand easily. I have implemented a new way of teaching. Animated videos which are easy to understand. Learning has never been so exciting.

In this course you will find everything explained with a video lecture. The type of lectures are animated (cartoon) videos that break down the most difficult concepts used in tax accounting.

Depending on your commitment, this course can take you somewhere from a week to few weeks to complete. The curriculum is designed as such, so that you will retain the information you will receive.

Whether you are a business owner, manager, or a student, you need this course. This course will provide you with great tools and information about tax accounting, tax law and its application.

Updated on 22 March, 2018
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