Summer Islamic & Arabic Camp for High School Students Wafid Arabic Institute
Price: JOD 2,660 / 2,800
  • Locations: Amman
  • Duration: 30 Days

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Wants to start your journey to learn Arabic, basics of Islamic studies and much more?
Immerse your high school students with the Youth Summer Camp programs offered by Noorart-Wafid. Join our program for teaching the Arabic language in its home, learn basics of Islamic studies and Da'wah. Expose students to Islamic and Arabic Heritage and Culture. Youth interaction, leadership skills development. Sports, historical and tourist trips. Over 300 hours of educational programs and activities!
Program Name
Youth Summer Islamic & Arabic Camp for High School Students
Amman, Jordan
Students Ages
15-18 years
Students from USA, Europe and international schools from all over the world
Mission of the Islamic and Arabic Camp Program
To learn Arabic language through immersion programs and activities, learn basics of Islamic studies and Da'wah, instill leadership characteristics, and expose students to Islamic and Arabic Heritage and Culture!
Objectives of the Islamic and Arabic Camp Program
More than 300 hours of educational programs and activities!
Arabic Language : Complete Immersion Program. Modern Standard Arabic based on student's level to learn reading, writing and conversation. Use Arabic language in its natural setting!
Islamic Studies : Qur'an, Hadith, Islamic Geography and History, Fiqh, Da'wah, Islamic Affairs and Matters according to group/student level
Qur'an Memorization and Tajweed : Based on student's level to memorize much more. Plus Tajweed lessons
Arabic/Islamic Culture :  Muslim youth will spend full month in an Arabic/Islamic culture environment, in addition to related daily activities. Young Muslims growing up in the U.S. and Europe have perhaps never heard the sound of the muezzin sounding the call to prayer. You will hear the Athan (Azan) "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar" five times a day!
Skills Development : Skills to build Muslim leaders through educational positive atmosphere
Youth Interaction : Participants will be chosen from USA, Europe and international schools from all over the world. Our youth interaction programs give our youth the opportunity to practice their language skills and compare aspects of their different cultures
Muslim Brotherhood : Brotherhood importance. Emphasis on Muslim Ummah
Recreation : Historical and tourist trips, sports, excursions through Jordan and much more!

Course Location

About Wafid Arabic Institute

Wafid was created and established in Amman, Jordan to meet the increasing worldwide demand for learning Arabic language as a Second Language. Our goal is to be the leading educational institute for learning Arabic while providing the highest quality service.

We will ensure maximum benefit from your studying. Wafid holds many advantages that make us more efficient and unique in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. 
- We use our experience and expertise in collaboration with our sister company Noorart - USA (over 17 years in Arabic educational experience) to lead the way in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.
- Full knowledge and understanding in creating many curriculums for different levels.
The Curriculum
- Our curriculum is produced by Noorart and Wafid team.
- Our curriculum is been taught at many universities and institutions worldwide.
Teachers and Methods of Teaching
- Proficient teachers who have extensive experience in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.
- Our Teachers implement modern teaching methods.
Programs Quality
- Different and integrated programs to allow students to pick the appropriate program.
- Programs are very organized to maximize the benefits of the students.
- Small Classes to ensure students benefit.
- Wafid will assist all students in their extracurricular needs. Wafid will ensure that you have smooth experience while you are learning.
- Superb customer service earned worldwide.

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