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Course details

These Steps to vital living & stay away from Coronavirus Course will help learners on how to develop a healthy immune system to stay away from deadly diseases. The most important thing in our life is health. Day by day deadly viruses and bacteria are rising and there is not enough study to make a vaccine or antibiotics to defeat it. So the only way to defeat a new virus or bacteria is to have a strong immune system. Our course will teach you the step by step method on how to live a healthy lifestyle and build a strong immune system.

Health is wealth. As we all know those people who always have a cold and are always running down their immune systems aren't fighting off the germs and bacteria that are constantly out there attacking us. CoronaVirus is on the rise, there's been a spike in deaths globally. Thousands of people have beat the virus, and no doubt, having a healthy immune system has contributed to their ability to survive and recover.

In this course, we look at what we should be doing for good health. We look at what we shouldn't be doing, what we should be doing, and busting myths and ideas. This course isn't focused on 'exercise' but more on diet, health, nutrition and what we should know. This could help anyone who wants to become healthier, who wants to have more energy and more vitality.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction HL
  • Beliefs
  • Alive with energy
  • The true source of disease
  • The body's response to poisons
  • Sources of disease
  • 12 Steps to pure energy
  • 12 Steps to Pure Energy - Steps 1-3
  • 12 Steps to Pure Energy - Steps 4
  • 12 Steps to Pure Energy - Steps 5-6
  • 12 Steps to Pure Energy - Steps 7
  • 12 Steps to pure energy 8-11
  • 12 Steps to Pure Energy - Steps 12
  • Conclusion HL

Learning outcome

  • Boost your career in Health and fitness
  • Learn What is the definition of good health
  • Learn a detailed understanding of the health, diet, fitness and want to improve overall physical wellbeing
  • Deepen your knowledge Spirit and Energy
  • Learn the fitness strategies for a healthy body and mind
  • Gain knowledge on How to have proper nutrition
  • Learn how does oxygen travel around the body
  • Learn the basic diet to improve your immune system

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After you successfully finish our ascribed training course Steps to vital living & stay away from Coronavirus, you have developed new sets of skills that can contribute to your personal and professional development, improve your job prospects and evolve in your career. Now can obtain a PDF copy of your certificate free of cost.

Career Path

Upon successful completion of our Steps to vital living & stay away from Coronavirus course, you will have the essential knowledge and skills to start a career and become successful. Candidates may choose to pursue an extensive range of careers including:

  • Immunologists
  • Nutritionist
  • Fitness expert
  • Dietician

Updated on 02 March, 2021

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