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This two-month course will prepare participants for the Claritas Investment Certificate examination.

The Claritas Investment Certificate is a new global certification offered by the CFA Institute. The goal of the Claritas Investment Certificate program is to provide a fundamental understanding of the essential aspects of the investment industry. The certificate is awarded by the CFA Institute to candidates who pass the Claritas exam.


This Claritas program is ideal for anyone working in financial services who seeks a clear understanding of the investment industry and their professional responsibilities within it. The program promotes a shared understanding of the industry, builds employee confidence, and raises effectiveness across all professional disciplines involved with it , outside of investment roles; from client services to compliance; from human resources to IT and operations; and from sales and marketing to legal and administrative services.


There is no education or experience requirement; however candidates should feel comfortable with the English language.


The course will be conducted along workshop principles with formal lectures and interactive examples. Case studies will illustrate the application of each product and service in an operations environment. Each learning point will be reinforced with practical exercises and case studies.

    NASDAQ Dubai sees financial education as a key factor in the development of a successful, world-class capital market. It has established NASDAQ Dubai Academy to provide training courses that will support the educational requirements of a range of market participants, including issuers, members, investors and the general public.

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