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    Day 1
    Introduction to Public Sector Accounting

    · Meaning and Coverage of Public Sector
    · Objectives of Public Sector Accounting
    · Nature of Work, Qualities and Problems Facing Public Sector Accountants
    · Users of Public Sector Accounting Information
    · Uses of Public Sector Accounting Information
    · Distinction between Public and Private Sector Accounting
    · The Concept of Funds in Government Accounting
    Basis, Units, Processes and Structure of Public Sector Accounting
    · Concepts/Principles Applicable to Public Sector Accounting
    · Basis of Government Accounting
    · Accounting Units
    · Government Accounting Processes
    · Structure of Government Accounting
    Day 2
    Regulatory and Professional Framework of Government Accounting

    · Nature of the Framework
    · Legal Framework (CFRN, FCMA, Financial Regulation)
    · Professional Framework and GAAPs
    · Professional Pronouncement on government accounting
    · Purposes of Financial Regulations
    Government Revenue and Expenditure
    · Meaning of Revenue
    · Sources and Classification of Government Revenue
    · Taxation as a Source of Government Revenue
    · Meaning of Public Expenditure
    · Basic Functions of Government Expenditure
    · Purposes of Government Expenditure
    · Guiding Principles of Public Expenditure
    · Financing Public Expenditure
    · The Impact of Government Expenditure
    Day 3
    Accounting Record Keeping in the Public Sector

    · Books of Accounts (Cash Book, Ledger and Trial Balance )
    · Ministerial Accounting System (Self and Non-Self Accounting Units)
    · Preparation of Transcript
    · Preparation and Posting of Monthly Payroll and Variation Control and Report
    Treasury and Expenditure Control System The Treasury
    · The Treasury
    · The Benefits of  Expenditure Control
    · Public Expenditure Control
    · Types of Control (Executive, Legislative, MoF, Treasury, Departmental Control)
    · The Role of Auditing in Expenditure Control
    Day 4
    Pension and Gratuity Accounting

    · The Concept of Pension and Gratuity
    · Transfer/Merger of Service
    · Statutory Age of Retirement
    · Pension, Gratuity and Retirement Benefits
    · Computation of Pension and Gratuity
    · Non Pensionable Service
    · Death Benefits
    · Pension Acts 102 and 103 of 1979
    · Pension Reform Act 2004
    · Retirement Benefits
    · Pension Fund Commission
    · Pension Fund Administrator (PFA)
    · Pension Assets Custodian (PAC)
    · Investment of Pension Fund
    Day 5
    Government Statutory Financial Statements and Schedules

    · The Federation Account
    · Statutory Allocation Formula
    · Consolidated Revenue Fund or Federal Government Account
    · Development Fund
    · Contingencies Fund and its operation
    · The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission
    · Federal Government Final Accounts
    · The Annual Report of the Accountant General
    · The Financial Statements, Cash flow and Value Added Statements
    Day 6
    The IPSAS Standards

    · Review of current IPSAS Standards
    · The correct application of individual IPSAS Standards
    · Overcoming key challenges
    · Obtaining guidance and support from International Federation of Accountants
    Day 7
    · IPSAS compliant financial statements
    · Key IPSAS requirements within financial statements
    · Producing the statement of financial position
    · Producing the statement of financial performance
    · Producing the cash flow statement
    · Reporting changes in net asset position
    · Producing compliant notes to the accounts Updated on 16 May, 2018

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