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Objectives :

• Inform participants of the new knowledge orientations towards excellence and creativity, concepts and methods of management and modern leadership and the specifics of the departments and government agencies.
• Provide participants with practical skills in forming and strengthening the working team in achieving the objectives of the institution.
• Provide participants with the necessary skills in planning and reorganizing activities in institutions.
• Enhancing participants' creativity and institutional excellence and providing them with successful experiences.

Training Content:
 Contemporary leadership and management trends
• The concept of leadership and management in contemporary administrative thought.
• Administrative and leadership theories and methods and employment in government agencies.
• aspects and areas of administrative excellence in our modern world.
• The features of the contemporary governmental administrative environment.
• The imperative of administrative excellence of modern governmental organizations.
Elements of Excellence in the 21st Century
• The process of administrative excellence as an integrated system (inputs - processes - outputs).
• The basic assumptions of administrative excellence in the new century.
• Principles and pillars of administrative excellence in the twenty-first century.
• Mistakes that hinder administrative excellence in the new century.
Skill formation and team enhancement
• How to form and strengthen the working group within the administrative unit.
• Effective stimulus tools in the administrative unit.
• The patterns of employees and colleagues and how to employ their abilities in the service of the objectives of the institution.
• Discover and enhance the abilities, energies and creativity of employees.
The skill of organizing and allocating business
• Planning of activities in the unit and the skill of the distribution of tasks.
• Reallocation of powers, responsibilities and relationships within the unit.
• Define criteria for evaluating team performance and building an effective incentive system.
• Support and continuous development of team performance.
Skill of creativity and administrative excellence
• Elements and methods of creativity and innovation.
• Strategic, analytical and innovative thinking skills.
• The strength of building relationships related to work and its interests.
• To overcome the challenges of creative obstacles and the experiences of successful managers. Updated on 09 May, 2019

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Entrepreneur , Team Leader , Office Admin

About Alpha Training

Training is a beam in development and promotion and a milestone in the sectors whose success depends on the human thoughtful and managing factor.
The interest in Human Resources has increased being the permanent fortune , and the motive of performance and activity which in turn requires interest in training process. Therefore spending money on training mustn’t be regarded as luxury , but as a real investment with revenues, realized through increasing the employees productivity (performance) , minimizing the waste and the optimum utilization of the available resources.
Nowadays priority is to promote the ability of the cadres of establishments and companies , investing their abilities, and developing the Human Resources through training and development, because man is a basic beam to any economic development process and a competitive advantage that all companies and establishments wish to process.

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