Aptech Computer Training SAS (Basic & Advance) Aptech Computer Training
Price: USD 1,225
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
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  • Duration / Course length: Upto 3 Months

    Course details

    SAS Training Course Syllabus (Basic & Advance)


    • Proc Sort
    • Proc Print
    • Proc Means
    • Proc Freq
    • Proc Plot
    • Proc Chart
    • Proc Copy
    • Proc Summary
    • Proc Append
    • Proc Datasets
    • Proc Contents
    • Proc Delete
    • Proc Format
    • Proc Import
    • Proc Export




    • Frequency Report
    • One-Way Frequency Report
    • Cross Tabular Frequency Report
    • Summary Statistics
    • Creating a List Report
    • Define Statement
    • Order Usage and Group
    • Printing Grand Totals
    • Re-break Statement
    • Tabulate Procedure
    • One-Dimensional Tables
    • Two-Dimensional Tables
    • Obtaining A Total
    • Analysis Variables with options
    • Summary Statistics


      Updated on 07 June, 2023

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Pre-Requisite : Knowledge Of MS Excel 

    About Aptech Computer Training

    Aptech Computer Training is among the leaders in career education in the Dubai & Sharjah. The company focuses on career development for students and working professionals. In addition, Aptech Computer Training also offers various training services to large companies to help develop the skills of their employees.

    Newly emerging trends and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud computing, mobile applications, Multimedia courses, Social media and Data analytics are bringing about increasing job opportunities in the IT & ICT industry. Aptech Computer Training, through its courses and curriculum, ensures that you are at par with global standards. We provide KHDA  Attested Certificates.

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