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Revit Tutorials. This is a beginners training course in Revit Architecture. The course is structured in easy to follow modules starting from basic concepts to more intermediate applications. It is taught using Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 version of the software. The course is in video format. The course will enable construction professionals get ahead in the learning curve of Building Information Modelling. A system that is currently gripping the industry, of which there is demand for competent professionals.

This course teaches students the concepts of Building Information Modelling and introduce the tools for parametric building design and documentation using Revit Architecture.


This course covers the basics of Revit Architecture, from schematic design through construction documentation. Students are introduced to the concepts of Building Information Modelling and the tools for parametric building design and documentation.

Students will cover:

Building Information Modelling, Exploring the User Interface, Working with Revit Elements and Families, Creating a Basic Floor Plan, Creating and Modifying Levels, Working with Grids, Adding and Modifying Walls, Using Editing Commands to Add Walls, Adding and Modifying Doors and Windows, Loading Additional Building Components, Adding and Modifying Component Families, Managing Views, Controlling Object Visibility, Creating and Modifying Section and Elevation Views, Creating and Modifying 3D Views, Placing Dimensions, Applying and Removing Constraints, Developing the Building Model, Creating and Modifying Floors, Adding and Modifying Ceilings, Adding and Modifying Roofs, Adding Curtain Walls, Creating Stairs and Railings, Creating Callout Views, Working with Detailed and Drafting Views, Working with Drafting Views Construction Documentation, Creating and Modifying Schedules, Creating Rooms and Room Schedules, Presenting the Building Model, Working with Drawing and Printing Sheets, Creating Renderings, Using Sun and Shadow Settings.

Updated on 27 December, 2017
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