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Objectives :

• To highlight the modern role of public relations in light of contemporary changes and challenges.
• Enrich participants with the latest ideas that demonstrate how to perform public relations activities electronically.
• Clarify the requirements of applying the electronic public relations system.
• Developing participants' skills in how the Internet and intranet are used to perform public relations activities in their relations with the external and internal audiences of the organization.

Training Content:

The concept and importance of public relations at the enterprise and society level
The basic concepts of electronic public relations
• Internet and non-Internet public relations.
• Differentiating between Internet, Intranet and Extranet.
• The role of IT in supporting public relations performance.
• IT application requirements in public relations.
• Design of the FAO website.
• E-government as an electronic public relations application
• Examples of the reality National websites of some government institutions and business organizations
Characteristics and functions of electronic public relations:
• Electronic media functions
• Characteristics of electronic writing
• Electronic means of communication
• Characteristics of electronic institutional communication
• Intranet
• Extranet external communication
• National Internet
Electronic Technologies for PR Plan Preparation:
• What types of planning and types
• Effective electronic planning components for public relations
• Transit requirements for electronic public relations
• Obstacles to the implementation of electronic methods in organizations
• Practical applications to prepare the public relations plan electronically
• The role of electronic management in activating the public relations methodology.
Effective electronic communication techniques:
• The concept of electronic communication
• Effective electronic communication features
• Electronic communication methods
• Types of electronic communications
• Skills of using electronic methods in external communication
Strengthening relations with the organization's internal audience electronically:
• Intranet as an electronic tool to strengthen relations with the internal audience.
• The most important public relations activities that can be implemented electronically.
• Public relations activities for senior management, employees and the organization as a whole.
• Workshop for applications and electronic tools used to implement relationship activities
• Public within the organization.
Strengthening public relations with the external audience electronically:
• Strengthening relations with the external audience electronically.
• Areas of application of public relations electronically to support the role of marketing government institutions
• Research, studies and transactions.
• Design products and services.
•    customers service .
•    recruitment .
• Electronic techniques in measuring public opinion. Updated on 08 May, 2019

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