Bait Al Hikmah Management Consultancy PTE Preparation Bait Al Hikmah Management Consultancy
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Price: AED 899
AED 1,000
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

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PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. In our PTE program, we focus on all four modules of English language.
Some of the main features of our training sessions are:
  • - Learn from Native speakers
  • - Free resources for PTE Preparation
  • - Links to authentic websites
  • - Topic specific vocabulary for writing and speaking
  • - A Free Mock Exam
  • - Customized training based on your requirements
BMC is a centre well versed with UK qualified Staffs which provides a range of English Language courses. Some of the features which make BMC prominent among its competitors are:
  • ·         Experienced Cambridge certified trainer
  •           Uk Qualified Staffs
  • ·         Customized Courses
  • ·         Free authentic course materials
  • ·         Welcome Retakers/ those failed it many times
  •           Flexible Timings
  • ·         Weekend classes
  • ·         Free mock exams followed by useful Feedbacks
  •           Guaranteed Results
We have results and result is everything!!! Updated on 23 December, 2020

About Bait Al Hikmah Management Consultancy

Our Focus/Objective is to provide practical training sessions/reviews for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and many others prep courses which is on a high demand by many organizations/universities as well as embassies in order to evaluate students/workers/employees’ language level and those applying for permanent residencies to one of the English speaking countries, to help individuals and groups to achieve a higher level of accomplishment and to build the required skill-sets in a way that is entertaining and compelling. As we know people learn faster when they are having fun. We therefore believe in transformation of this labor-intensive training from chaotic to systematic, productive and enjoyable.

In order to provide exam preparatory classes/reviews all we require is well-experienced and qualified trainers who are capable of educating the learners on all modules of the exam as well as teaching them the test criterions. Aside from that we need past exams to be used as a resource to further their understanding of lectures delivered in the classroom which are based on CET (Cambridge English Teacher) and as per the British Council 30-Hours Course of Instructions. For that we will be using Official Cambridge Practice Test for IELTS, a book series , which contains past exams and both the Academic and General Training version of “Check your vocabulary by Mr. Rawdon Wyatt as well as “Insight into IELTS by Cambridge” (also a book series) for the intermediate level learners. Where the Skill-sets, which are going to be communicated to the learners, are based on Cambridge English Teacher (CET).
We follow a unique way of teaching. Our method is called "Need Based Teaching". In this method, we initially understand the student's requirement in English, their FUTURE plans and current fluency in Spoken English. Based on all of these factors, our trainers create customized courses that help a student achieve his Language Goals. We have successfully trained over Thousands of Individuals in this way.

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