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General Requirements for the Master of Arts in

Education or Psychology

A minimum of 33 graduate credit hours is required to earn a Master’s degree.

The graduation requirements include the following:

A- Comprehensive Examination. After a student has completed at least 21

credits of graduate course requirements including a research methodology

course, he/she must sit for an evaluation of knowledge in the field, its

methodology, and its relation to other areas. The evaluation will also test the

student’s skill in organizing and presenting material irrespective of the field of

study. The grade for the comprehensive exam is given as Pass (P) or Fail (F). It

is not included in the general average. If a student fails the exam, he/she will be

given one chance to retake the exam within a period of two to four months of the

first examination. If a student fails a second time, he/she will be dropped from

the graduate program.

B- Thesis. The thesis must reflect the student’s skills and efficacy in conducting

independent research, reporting it, and defending the research and findings to a

thesis committee and the public. The thesis must be a contribution to the field.

The thesis is to be written in English. It should follow the scientific research

report format of the latest edition of the APA.

A Thesis Committee of three members is approved by the Department one

semester before the defense. The chairperson of this committee serves as the

thesis advisor and works with the student in preparing the proposal. Members of

the Thesis Committee should receive copies of the thesis two weeks before the

thesis defense. After the defense, the student is to make any required

modifications on the thesis and submit three bound copies signed by the Thesis

Committee to the Barsumian Library. Acknowledgment by the Barsumian

Library is required before a student receives his/her degree. Grading of the thesis

work and defense is given as Pass (P) or Fail (F).

Thesis defense may be repeated once within a period of 3-6 months, depending

on limitations regarding residency requirements. For a second failure in the

thesis defense, the student is dropped from the graduate program. Every

subsequent semester, in which thesis writing is in progress, the graduate student

should register for Thesis 399 and pay for university miscellaneous expenses.

The indicative letters A, B, C, should be added to Thesis 399 to reflect whether

it is the first, second or third semester of thesis writing. Graduate students who

are in the process of thesis writing are required to complete their thesis without

interruption. Exemptions may be allowed only after petitioning to the Graduate

Studies Committee. Those who are in the process of thesis writing and withdraw

from the University or fail to register without petitioning for a leave of absence,

are required to register for 399A in case they decide to continue their studies.

About Haigazian University

Haigazian University is named in honor of Dr. Armenag Haigazian, former headmaster of the Jenanian Apostolic Institute of Konya, Turkey. Dr. Haigazian was a highly respected educator who received his Ph.D. from Yale University and returned to Turkey to serve his Armenian compatriots. When the "ethnic cleansing" of the Armenians began, Dr. Haigazian had the opportunity to escape to the United States, but he chose to stay and continue his ministry. Later, he, along with many Armenian intellectuals, was rounded up to be driven to the Syrian desert. Dr. Haigazian died on the way in the prison of Kharpert .

Concurrently, eight Armenian colleges were also destroyed in Turkey. Although these aspects of education and service were brought to an end, the dream continued in the minds of Dr. Haigazian's descendants and others. The Mehagian family (Mary Mehagian and Florence Mehagian-Guertmenian) of Phoenix, Arizona, close relatives of Dr. Haigazian, donated capital through the AMAA and worked hand in hand with Stephen Philibosian to get Haigazian College started.

The University was founded  , by the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE) and the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) as a liberal arts college to assist in the preparation of teachers and pastors.

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