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Program Overview
The ability to manage and direct projects of varying sizes and complexities is an increasingly vital skill for project managers and managers who manage complex activities and tasks. Project Management brings together and optimizes the resources necessary to complete a project successfully.
The course is designed to uncover broad areas of project management for business managers. The course emphasizes a practical understanding of business projects --including project life cycle, planning, scheduling resource allocation and management, and risk management.
 Benefits& value added
 By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Proper project scope, time planning and scheduling.
  • Defining and assessing project resources.
  • Assessing project risks.
  • Project HR management
  • Use of different PM tools (computer-based)
Program Content
Module 1: Modern Project Management
  1. Project Definition
  2. Project Life Cycle
Module 2: Organization Strategy and Project Selection
  1. Strategic Management Process
  2. Project Portfolio Management System
  3. Selection Criteria
  4. Managing the portfolio system
Module 3: Organization Structure and Culture
  1. Project Management Structures
  2. Organizational Culture
  3. Implications of Organizational Culture for Organizing Projects
Module 4: Defining The Project
  1. Defining the project scope
  2. Establishing Project Priorities
  3. Creating the Work breakdown Structure
  4. Integrating The WBS with the Organization
  5. Coding the WBS for the Information System
  6. Project Communication Plan and Responsibility Matrix
Module 5: Estimating Project Times and Costs
  1. Factors Influencing the Quality of Estimates
  2. Estimating guidelines for Times, Costs and Resources
  3. Methods for Estimating Project Times and Costs
  4. Types of Costs
  5. Creating a Database for Estimating
Module 6: Developing a Project Plan
  1. Developing the Project Network
  2. Network Computation Process
Module 7: Managing Risk
  1. Risk Management Process
  2. Contingency Planning
  3. Opportunity Management
  4. Change Control Management
Module 8: Scheduling Resources and Costs
  1. Resource Scheduling Problem
  2. Types of Resource Constraints
  3. Resource Allocation Methods
  4. Splitting Activities
  5. Assigning Project Work
  6. Multi-project Resource Scheduling
  7. Project Cost Baseline
Module 9: Reducing Project Duration
  1. Rationale for Reducing Project Duration
  2. Project Acceleration Options
  3. Cost-Duration Graphs
Module 10: Leadership-Being an Effective Project Manager
  1. Managing Vs. Leading a Project
  2. Managing project stakeholders
  3. Ethics and Project Management
  4. Qualities of Effective Project manager
  5. Managing Project Teams
  6. Team Development Model
  7. Managing Virtual Project Teams
Module 11: Outsourcing; Managing Inter-organizational Relations
  1. Outsourcing Project Work
  2. Outsourcing Best Practices
Module 12: Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation
  1. Project Monitoring Information System
  2. Project Control Process
  3. Development of an earned value cost/schedule system
  4. Forecasting final project cost
Module 13: Project Closure
  1. Types of Project Closure
  2. Post Implementation Evaluation
Module 14: Agile Project Management
  1. Traditional Vs. Agile Methods
  2. Agile PM

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