Practical Problem Solving and Decision Making PWC Academy Lebanon
  • Price TBA
  • Duration 2 Days
  • Location Lebanon

For newly promoted managers and mid‑level staff with limited management experience.

This course will give the participant increased awareness of how to:

  • Identify problems early
  • Carry out a root cause analysis
  • Generate a basis for identifying potential solutions
  • Evaluate potential solutions
  • Develop a response and measure its success by reviewing outcomes against expectations

This is an interactive programme, using examples and case studies to aid understanding. Participants will be given a sequenced framework with different tools and models to practice each step, adding to their professional skills “toolbox”, and enabling them to guide their teams through workplace problems.

PwC’s Academy is the educational business of PwC. Their goal is to help improve the knowledge, skills, competence and expertise of people in finance and business; to help organisations across the region grow and retain their talent. Their foundation is Their team of expert professionals who convey their Theyalth of knowledge and the practical experience they have gained within leading organisations around the world.

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