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    For most people, PowerPoint is a necessary evil. But you're not most people! You've stumbled on the course that will teach you how to properly use PowerPoint animation to enhance any pitch, presentation, or discussion. How, you ask? With easy to follow, practical lesson that reinforce key concepts with quizzes and hands on exercises.

    You'll follow a well paced progression starting with "white belt" training. This section will cover the fundamentals of animation including:

    1. Different animation types
    2. Animating bulleted lists
    3. Animating SmartArt

    Soon, you'll advance to the "black belt" section, where you'll learn how to utilize the most effective parts of PowerPoint,

    1. Use animation to enhance, rather than distract, from your presentations
    2. Combine animations and control timing for powerful effects
    3. Animate charts and other object to emphasize a point

    This deep dive office ninja course will propel your slide deck into the realm of awesome so you can focus on communicating a message people will remember.

    Come join me!

    Updated on 27 December, 2017
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