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    Power Pre-Algebrais a carefully tailored preparatory course for anyone seeking to gain a firm understanding of Pre-Algebra. Thiscourse was designed and created because of the lack of appropriate materials in existence that explainexactproblems from a specific textbook. While there are a host of videos and explanations online, I wanted to make something that followed precise problems from a particular and popular textbook.

    Have you everunderstood everything a teacher says duringclass, but as soon as you try the problems at home, the methodologies seem to escape you? Yes, that's what I figured.

    This phenomenon is extremely common. I have seen it time and again as both a private tutor and a teacher. This phenomenon was the impetusfor thiscourse. Power Pre-Algebra walksthrough a smattering of practice problems from each part of every lesson so you always have a solid walkthrough to lean on no matter what problems have been assigned. Moreover, this course goes through the even problems only (which are notorious for being the problems in textbooks with no answers).

    If you need to master the subject to earn a solid grade in your math class or simply have an interest in Pre-Algebra, I hope you use this course to gain the results you want and deserve!

    Updated on 14 November, 2018
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