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    How do very happy people think and act? What do the most successful people do differently? What makes some marriages thrive and stay together happily for many decades? And why are some people able to bounce back from failures while others succumb to them?

    These are the questions asked by the science of positive psychology. Positive psychology is an emerging field dedicated to understanding what makes life most worth living on the basis of empirical, evidence-based research. Thousands of experiments, case studies, analyses and other forms of rigorous research have been conducted to provide insights into what really makes our lives good and how we can live more happily and more successfully.

    In this course, we will not learn about theories and statistics but about concrete applications that are based on a scientific understanding of what it means to flourish in life. This course will also provide you with a range of additional materials, such as a personal reflection journal, worksheets and exercises. At the core of this course are exercises and strategies that you can apply to your life.

    And by the end of this course, you will have the skills to better your lives and your relationships, and you will be using these skills in your daily lives.

    Updated on 27 December, 2017
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