Pneumatic mechanics and industrial maintenance
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The technicians of pneumatic mechanics and industrial maintenance work at the first place in industry, as they can work independently or assure a support of the technical services in the domain of the mechanical engineering as the conception, the development, the maintenance and testing the machines, facilities, and the industrial systems. They generally work in businesses of engineering advisors, factories for manufacture and treatment, in the industry as well as in several governmental establishments and services.

The technicians of industrial maintenance fill several or all following functions:

  • To elaborate plans, drawings and technical assessment for machines and pieces, of the transmission systems of energy and systems and automatic machines.
  • To prepare evaluations of the costs and required materials as well as works execution schedules and to write reports.
  • To put to test and analyze machines, accessories and materials in order to determine the output, the power, and the resistance.
  • To inspect facilities and industrial mechanics operations.
  • To elaborate the contractual and sub- contractual documents.
  • To supervise and monitor construction projects and to inspect mechanical and automatic facilities.
  • To set the norms and the works execution calendars of and to supervise the execution of the mechanical maintenance program or the exploitation of mechanical facilities.
  • To help to the development of the drawings and the technical estimates.
  • To execute a range of machinery, pieces and materials appropriate to the technical test and analysis.
  • To participate in the installation, repair and maintenance of machines and various pieces.
  • To watch the good execution of the preventive maintenance steps.
  • To apply the security and hygiene norms.
  • To apply the environment protection norms and assure cleaner production.

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