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This Course will take you to a new level of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming, It will be a fun, easy, fast and enjoyable Programming Journey for you.

You will no longer program PLCs like a newbie.

As most of you know, there is an easy way, a long way and a smart way to program a PLC, drawing a long Ladder logic diagrams or an SFC might solve the problem easily or simply, but it won't solve it effectively, it requires through understanding of Ladder Diagrams to give the ability to turn your idea into a project that is professionally programmed with PLC.

What if I tell you that now you can unleash you full potential in PLC Programming and be your own professional programmer.

You think this is cool but not yet interested!, well how about the fact that this course will allow you to know what happens in internal registers inside PLC.

Topics like Internal relays, Data registers, branching, if statements and more advance techniques will be introduced.

Updated on 14 February, 2018
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