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Price: NPR 15,000
  • Timings: Part Time, Flexible

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PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. There are many things to learn to be an expert PHP Programmer and after completion of this course students will be able to develop web application using PHP/MySQL into different levels such as: Basic PHP, Object Oriented PHP, and PHP Framework. This course is designed as per current need of web development market. This course (PHP Training in Nepal) is also very useful to those students who are from non- IT background.
  • Basic Revision
  • Basic terminology
  • Setup with Different Environment
  • Basic Starting of PHP Code
  • PHP Identifiers
  • Operators
  • Control Structures (Conditional statements and Loops)
  • Understanding HTTP Verbs and Methods
  • Session and Cookies
  • Function
  • PHP String Manipulation Functions
  • File System Functions
  • Database
  • CRUD Application using MySQL
  • Database Advance Topic
  • PHP Database Extensions and Drivers
  • JavaScript and jQuery Concepts
  •  Object Oriented PHP
  • Exception Handling
  • Project Work Using OOP PHP -CMS
  • Web Security in PHP
  • MVC Framework Baseline
  • MVC-Projects
  •  Project Work:
  • Web services and API
  • XML with PHP
  • Version Control and Composer (Dependency Manager)
  • Framework: Laravel
  • Extra Features for  Project:
  •  Deployment of Projects
Updated on 13 September, 2017

Eligibility / Requirements

Trainees should have basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and Java Script. Prior knowledge on C and C++ will be an advantage for better learning.

About School of Information Technologies

We are an emerging IT school based in Kathmandu. Our core interest lies in educating the bright and the curious people who want to get into the wonderful world of information technology. If you have a desire to learn everything about this profession we are here to help you.

School of Information Technologies was founded by experts in the broad field of Information Technology in Nepal. Our founders and instructors are sought-after, competitive professionals, who have worked at various important IT companies, and who have now come together to be a part of your world. At School of Information Technologies, we see to it that nobody gets left behind.

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