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Networking is an art that when perfected, can open doors to new opportunities in both our personal and professional lives. Through the right training and techniques, anyone can learn how to network effectively. All you need is the proper tools. In this Workplace Team Networking Diploma, you will learn how to build an effective team network to increase opportunities in your professional life.

Whether you are a manager or are new to your field, you will learn the fundamental principles of successful networking, taking you through the key benefits of networking at the Workplace Team Networking Diploma. As well as gaining an in-depth knowledge of networking techniques, you will also discover the common networking mistakes to avoid and the obstacles to effective networking, equipping you with the skills to build valuable professional connections.

Key Topics to Be Covered
  • The Principles of Networking: An Overview
  • The Benefits of Networking at Work
  • Networking Tools and How to Utilise Them
  • Common Team Networking Mistakes to Avoid
  • How to Build Positive Working relationships
  • Mastering Essential Time Management Skills
  • The Obstacles to Networking at Work
  • The steps to Building an Effective Team Network
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn the fundamental principles of effective team networking
  • Know how to network to increase opportunities in your professional life
  • Understand the obstacles to networking and how to avoid them
  • Create a network that allows you to fine-tune your professional image
  • Identify the key benefits of networking in the workplace
  • Know how to utilize networking tools to build strong working relationships
  • Sharpen your time management skills and business communication skills
  • Gain valuable connections to create new work opportunities
Your Path to Success

Once you have successfully completed this Workplace Team Networking Diploma course, you will receive a recognized certificate of achievement, which you can be used to add valuable credentials to your CV and improve your career prospects in your chosen field. Whether you are a line manager, company director or newly hired professional, networking skills are incredibly valuable and are essential to becoming a valued member of any organization.

Skills You Will Gain
  • Team management
  • Relationship-building
  • Team networking
  • Leadership 
  • Business communication
Is this Workplace Team Networking Diploma right for you?

This Workplace Team Networking Diploma course is ideal for team leaders, supervisors, and managers looking to build their team networking skills. It applies to individuals from all industries and sectors, and there are no specific entry requirements for this Workplace Team Networking Diploma course, which you may choose to study on a part-time or full-time basis.

Assessment Process

Once you have completed the modules in the Workplace Team Networking Diploma course, your skills and knowledge will be tested with an automated multiple-choice assessment, after which you will receive instant results.

  • Module One: The Benefits of Networking at Work
  • Module Two: Networking Obstacles
  • Module Three: Networking Principles
  • Module Four: How to Build Networks
  • Module Five: Recognize Networking Opportunities
  • Module Six: Common Networking Mistakes
  • Module Seven: Develop Interpersonal Relationships
  • Module Eight: Online Networking Tools
  • Module Nine: Time Management
  • Module Ten: Maintaining Relationships Over Time
Updated on 09 August, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

The Workplace Team Networking Diploma course is open to all students and has no formal entry requirements. To study this Workplace Team Networking Diploma course, all you need is a passion for learning, a good understanding of English. You must also be over the age of 16.

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