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Courses included in Bundle Course – SAP for Beginners (MM-SD-FICO – HR) Career Path Program  

SAP SD (Basic to Advanced)
SAP HCM (Basic to Advanced).
SAP MM Training
  6. Material Master
  7. Vendor Master
  8. Purchasing Info Record
  9. Source Determination
  10. Purchasing
  11. Inventory Management
  12. Special Procurement Process / Special Stocks
  13. External  Services Management
  14. Valuation and Account Determination
  15. Logistics Invoice Verification
  16. Pricing Procedure
  17. Batch Management
  18. Output Determination
  19. Integration with FI/CO
  20. Integration with PP
  21. ASAP Methodology
Introductions to SD
Organizational structure
Pricing Process and Determination
Document Types for Pre-sales and Sales Documents
Sales Cycles - sales processes
Free goods processing
Revenue Account Determination
SD Basic Functions
Special Sales Special Processes
Invoicing Plans
Variant Configuration
Integration with Other Modules and Support
Enterprise Structure:
Definition of company
Definition of company code
Assignment to company code
Definition of business area
Financial Accounting Basic Settings
Definition of fiscal year variant
Assignment of fiscal year variant
Definition of posting period variant
Assignment of posting period variant
Open and close posting period
Maintenance of field status variants
Assignment of field status variant
Creation of chart of Accounts
Defining Accounts Groups
Defining Retained Earnings Account
Definition of tolerance groups for GL accounts
Definition of tolerance groups for employees
Assignment of tolerance groups to users
Taxes on Sales & Purchases
Defining document type & number ranges
General Ledger Accounting:
Creation of General Ledger Master 
Display and change of documents
Display of GL balances
Display GL account line items
Parked documents
Hold documents
Creation of Sample Document 
Month End Provisions 
Open item Management 
Accrual and Deferral documents
Interest calculations on term loans
Accounts Payable
Creation of vendor account groups
Creation of number ranges for vendor master records
Assignment of number ranges to vendor account groups
Creation of tolerance group for vendors
Creation of vendor master 
Posting of vendor transactions 
Display Vendor balances and G/L Balances
Configuration Settings
Clearing of down payment against invoices 
Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment
Creation of payment terms,
Creation of house banks and account ids.
Creation of check lots and Creation of void reasons
Maintenance of check register
Display check register
Cancellation of unissued checks
Cancellation of issued checks
Posting of purchase returns
Configuration of automatic payment program
Accounts receivable:
Creation of customer account groups
Creation of number ranges for customer master records
Assignment of number ranges for customer account groups
Creation of tolerance group for customers
Creation of customer master 
Posting of customer transactions 
Display customer balances and G/L Balances
Configuration Settings for advance payment from customers 
Configuration settings for terms of payment to customers
Configuration of settings for dunning
Generating the dunning letters
Defining correspondence and party statement of accounts
Bills of exchange
Posting of sales returns
Asset Accounting:
Copy reference chart of depreciation
Assignment of chart of depreciation to company code
Creation of 0% tax codes for sales and purchases
Defining account determination
Definition of screen lay out rules
Definition of number ranges for asset master
Creation of asset classes
Integration with General Ledger & Posting rules
Defining Depreciation key
Definition of multilevel methods
Definition of period control methods
Creation of main asset master records
Creation of sub asset master records
Posting the transactions for Acquisition of fixed assets
Depreciation run and Asset explorer
Sale of fixed assets
Impairment of assets
Scrapping of assets,
Line item Settlement of assets  
Basic settings for controlling
Cost element accounting:
Cost Center Accounting:
Define field status group for statistical orders
Creation of Primary cost element
Creation of internal order master records
Display internal order master records
Change internal order master records
Postings to internal orders
Planning for internal orders
Report of Variance analysis for internal orders
Real orders
Creation of real internal orders
Posting of business transaction to real orders
Definition of allocation structures
Definition of settlement 
Definition of planning
Define number ranges
Define number ranges for controlling documents.
Budgeting and availability control
Maintain number ranges for budgeting
Define tolerances for availability control
Specification of exempt cost elements from availability control
Maintenance of budget manager
Profit Center Accounting:
Basic Settings
Creation of Dummy Profit Centers
Maintenance of control parameters for actual postings
Maintaining planning versions for profit centers
Maintaining the number ranges for profit center documents
Creation of profit center master records
Display of profit center master records
Changing the profit center master records
Assign profit center to cost center for expenditure posting
Creation of revenue cost elements
Automatic Assignment of Revenue elements for Profit Centers
Assignment of profit centers in cost center master records
Creation of account groups
Planning for profit and loss account items
Posting of transactions into profit centers
Generating the variance reports for profit and loss account items
with materials management:
with sales and distribution:
Profitability analysis


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Job roles this course is suitable for:

HR Manager , SAP FICO Consultant , SAP MM Consultant , SAP SD Supervisor , SAP Consultant , SAP Testing , SAP functional consultant , SAP Technical Consultant - SD/MM/FICO Modules , Associate Consultant - SAP SD/MM Modules , Engineer - SAP ATR FICO

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