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  • Duration / Course length: Upto 4 Hours Start now
  • Accredited by: CPD Group
  • Certificates:
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course details

Course Overview

This Personal Hygiene course is our comprehensive approach to understanding the basics of maintaining personal hygiene. Its primary goal is to help you develop hygiene practices to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

This Personal Hygiene course contains 11 modules that take slightly less than 3 hours to complete. The course looks at the basic principles of personal hygiene and best practices for maintaining it. One of the key modules featured in this course is the importance of personal hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic that helps you prepare for pandemic scenarios and personal hygiene in general.

The course covers all areas of personal hygiene, from the nail and foot care to oral health and daily skincare routine. You will also be introduced to a range of common diseases associated with lack of hygiene, their symptoms and treatments. The course has been designed in collaboration with renowned Personal Hygiene advisors with 15 years of experience in the field.

Our Personal Hygiene Course program is a stand-alone program and can be completed in any order. After completing the course, you can claim a certificate. The certification will serve as a testament to your dedication, commitment, and passion for having an understanding of the principles of proper hygiene.
  • CPD accredited.
  • Immediate e-certificate on successful completion.
  • A hard copy of the certificate is obtainable too.
  • Personalised Learning.
  • Developed by Personal Hygiene experts and Healthcare professionals
  • 24/7 access across all major devices, you can study anywhere.
  • 24/7 learning assistance.
  • Regularly updated content.
Who is This Course for?

The course is designed for anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of personal hygiene practices. The course has no prerequisites so anyone interested to improve their knowledge can attend the course.


Through our accredited courses, you can show your commitment to improving skills and professional development. The certifications we provide will improve your job prospects, and enhance your career outcomes. Upon successful completion of your course, you can claim a PDF certificate at the cost of £ or a printed hard copy at £ You can have both (PDF+ Hard copy) for just £ FREE POSTAGE.

Learning Outcomes
  • You will have the knowledge and skills to properly maintain hygiene
  • Develop a clear understanding of eye, nose, foot and nail hygiene maintenance.
  • Use this understanding to create effective personal hygiene practices.
  • Learn about the importance of dental care & hygiene.
Career Path

Once you have completed this Personal Hygiene Course, you will receive certification that adds value to your resume in many job fields. Use this to grab a strong foothold to any of the conventional job fields such as nursing, fitness trainer and dietician. Updated on 15 February, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

There are no specific requirements for our ‘Personal Hygiene' course. This Personal Hygiene course is compatible and accessible from any device including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Tablets etc. It is possible to start learning from anywhere at any time without any limitations.

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