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  • Accredited by: ABC Awards
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  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in presentation format

Course details

An endorsed Level 5 Office Administration Diploma could open the door to any number of rewarding career opportunities worldwide. Join our growing global student community and gain access to a variety of benefits including:
  • No additional costs incurred, as all course materials and study aids needed are included in the course fee as standard.
  • Every candidate is assigned a professional tutor upon enrolment, for the provision of helpful support and feedback throughout.
  • Flexible online studies to suit even the busiest lifestyles, with no time-restrictions or deadlines imposed.
  • The highest-quality course materials and learning resources, created by experienced office managers and respected academics.
  • An opportunity to take your career to the next level with an endorsed Level 5 Office Administration Diploma from a recognised awarding body!

Learning Objectives
Most organisations that employee more than a few members of staff trust office managers to oversee workforce performance and general output. Nevertheless, success in office management is dependent on a dynamic range of skills and personal attributes. The objective of this course is to introduce candidates to the capabilities and characteristics of the elite office manager. Every duty, responsibility and priority is discussed at-length, priming candidates with the knowledge and confidence needed to take their careers to the next level.

Our most advanced Office Management Diploma to date is open to enthusiastic candidates from all backgrounds, with no relevant knowledge or experience required. Expert tutor support ensures every candidate gains the maximum value from their studies, with no deadlines imposed and no geographical restrictions. Study from any location worldwide at a pace that suits you, for the chance to enrich your long-term outlook with an endorsed award.
Upon completion, learners will have examined the most important concepts and teachings at the heart of expert office management, including:

explains the various principles and theories of management, administration and leadership and states the benefits of adhering to these principles.

Use goal setting activities and appropriate language to articulate what you want in your life
Advanced organisational skills
Professional time management and prioritisation skills
Improved written and verbal communication skills
How to handle sensitive matters with discretion
Enhanced accuracy and attention to detail
Improved self-confidence and general motivation
The ability to remain calm under pressure
Detailed knowledge of all key secretarial functions
The opportunity to take your career to a higher level

Course Outline
Candidates committed to their continuous professional development could benefit significantly from an endorsed Level 5 Office Administration Diploma. Each of the 12 course modules concludes with an online assessment, which your assigned tutor will mark and return with constructive feedback. Office management concepts and topics covered are as follows:

Unit 1 - Basic Principles Of Administration
This module covers the following key topics:
  • The Business Environment
  • Corporations
  • Co-operatives
  • Partnerships
Unit 2 - Effective Planning & Scheduling
This module covers the following key topics:
  • Estimating Tips and Techniques
  • Types of Network Diagrams
  • Critical Path Method
Unit 3 - Organising Meetings
This module covers the following topics:
  • Anatomy of a Meeting
  • Types of Corporate Meetings
  • Planning for the Conference
Unit 4 - Keeping Accurate Records
This module covers the following topics:
  • Individual or Personal Names
  • File Cabinets
  • Using Documents Library
Unit 5 - Writing Business Letters
This module covers the following topics:
  • Business Documents
  • Beginning the Letter
  • Closing the Letter
Unit 6 - Other Written Communication
This module covers the following topics:
  • Reports
  • Memorandum Report
  • Report Templates
  • Electronic Revisions
Unit 7 - Minute Taking
This module covers the following topics:
  • The Role Of A Minute Taker
  • Developing Active Listening Skills
  • Developing Organizational Skills
Unit 8 - Telephone Skills
This module covers the following topics:
  • Telephone Usage
  • Telephone Manners
  • Voice-Mail Etiquette
Unit 9 - Presentation skills
This module covers the following topics:
  • Good Preparation
  • Visual Aids
  • Group Presentations
  • Plus more
Unit 10 - Dealing With Difficult People Conflict Resolution
This module covers the following topics:
  • Defining Conflict
  • Types of Conflict
  • Conflict Outcomes
  • Paraphrasing Skills
  • Probing Techniques
Unit 11 - Creating A Positive Work Environment
This unit covers the following key topics:
  • What Can I Do?
  • Team Player
  • Working Cooperatively
  • Managing Conflict
Unit 12 - MS office 2016
This unit covers the following topics:
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
Updated on 19 October, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

No particular entry requirement.
Option 1
Office Management Diploma QLS Level 5 endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme
Certificate Fee: £120 + postal charges
Option 2
Administration Diploma issued by BOLC
PDF Certificate - FREE
Hard copy - £25 + postal charges
Option 3
CPD Accredited Certificate
(PDF format)=£30
(Hard copy)=£95 + postal charges
*Postage Charges: National £9, International £15

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