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Leadership and Management - Level 7
Certificate of achievement in Leadership and Management Level 7. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 150 CPD points available with no extra study.

Diploma of achievement in Leadership & Management - Level 7.
With a Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management, the future really is yours for the taking! Enrol today and work towards a Leadership & Management that could transform your career prospects like never before!

A complete dependence on capable leadership is one of few things every organisation has in common. In the absence of talented leadership, the workforce - and by extension the entire business - cannot achieve its full potential. Management and leadership are two very different concepts, though are intrinsically interconnected. For an organisation to perform at its best, a strategic combination of both Leadership & Management is required. It's one thing to master the art of effective delegation, instruction and supervision. It's something else entirely to inspire a workforce to achieve more by setting a strong example. To become a talented manager and an inspiring leader is to enjoy extraordinary career prospects worldwide.

This intermediate Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management has been designed to mould and shape the successful leaders of the future! With no specific knowledge or experience required, candidates are introduced to the characteristics and qualities of the effective leader. Learn how to build and optimise a high-performance team, create a motivating workplace culture and provide constructive ;

Enjoy the freedom to study in your own time from any location, under the watch of your own personally-assigned tutor! Enrol today and take the first decisive step towards the leadership career you know you're capable of!

Leadership and Management - Level 7
We pride ourselves in offering a flexible, accessible alternative to traditional classroom ;
Learning Objectives
This high-quality course has been designed to help ambitious candidates take the most important step in their lifelong career journey. Assuming a leadership position for the first time can be exciting and intimidating in equal measures. Taking charge of a team or business of any size means shouldering responsibility and accountability at a much higher level. This Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management will help candidates deal with the various challenges that accompany entry-level leadership positions in an organisational setting. Upon completion of the course, candidates will benefit from the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to step into a leadership position for the first time.
Over the course of ten detailed modules, learners study the qualities and characteristics of the effective leader. The differences between Leadership & Management are also examined, along with an organisation's reliance on both. The process of developing a high-performance team is also discussed, alongside effective employee motivation strategies, the value of strong interpersonal communication skills and the art of providing constructive feedback.

This Course Consists of the following units:
Module 1 - Understanding Management and Leadership
key topics:
  • Leadership Styles
  • Onboarding and Orientation
  • Managers Vs. Leaders
  • Types Of Thinking
  • Concequential Thinking
  • Ethics
  • Influence Strategies
Module 2 - Improving Management and leadership Performance
key topics:
  • Achieving Personal Mastery
  • Your Personal Vision
  • Achieving a Shared Vision
  • Team Learning
  • Systems Thinking
  • Plus much more
Module 3 - Developing a High-Performing Team
key topics:
  • Team Leadership
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Teams
  • How Can Teams Help Employees Grow?
  • Developing a High-Performing Team
  • Team Problem Solving
Module 4 - Motivating Employees
key topics:
  • What is Motivation?
  • Supervising and Motivation
  • Identifying Motivators
  • Motivational Theories
  • Orientation and Onboarding
  • Setting Goals
  • The Role of Values
Module 5 - Talent Management
key topics:
  • What is Talent Management?
  • A Focused Effort to Manage Talent
  • Risk Assessment
  • Developing Your Vision
  • Understanding Competencies
  • Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Model
  • Identifying Talent
Module 6 - Succession Planning
key topics:
  • Defining a Succession Plan
  • Strong Leaders and a Strong Organization
  • Components of the Plan
  • Success Model
  • Setting the Scope
  • Risk Assessment
Module 7 - Business Process Management
key topics:
  • Fundamentals of Business Process Improvement
  • The Vision Phase
  • The Design Phase
  • The Modelling Phase
  • The Execution Phase
  • The Monitoring Phase
  • The Optimising Phase
Module 8 - Communication Skills
key topics:
  • Communication Barriers
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Probing Techniques
Module 9 - Negotiation Techniques
key topics:
  • Practicing Negotiation
  • Phases of Negotiation
  • Negotiation Made Easier
Module 10 - Managing Meetings and Giving Feedback
key topics:
  • Managing Meetings
  • Presentation Tips
  • Pumping up a Presentation
  • Personal Development
  • Giving Effective Feedback
Module 11 - Managing Change
key topics:
  • The Change Cycle
  • Human Reaction to change
  • The Pace of Change
  • Adapting to Change
Module 12 - Managing Time
key topics:
  • Prioritising your Time
  • The Power of a Change
  • Changing Our Perspective
  • Setting Goals with SPIRIT
  • Planning Tips and Tricks
  • Setting Up a Routine
Module 13 - Stress Management
key topics:
  • Understanding Stress
  • Strategies to Manage stress
  • Time Management
Module 14 - Managing Conflict
key topics:
  • Benefits of Confrontation
  • Preventing Problems
  • Getting Focused
  • Managing Anger
Module 15 - Risk Management
key topics:
  • Risk Management
  • Types of Risks
  • Benefits of Risk Management
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Risk Management as a Business Factor
  • Types of Processes
Course Benefits:
  1. Full Tutor Support
  2. Self paced, no fixed schedules
  3. Available to students anywhere in the world
  4. 24/7 Access to the LMS ( Learning Management System )
  5. Easy to understand quality e-learning study materials
Updated on 20 April, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

Leadership and Management
There is no particular entry requirement.

OPTION-I: Certificate of Achievement  at the end of the course, learner can claim a certificate by paying £170 accreditation fee+postal charges.

Certificate of Completion
CPD(soft copy) can be claimed for £15. If you need hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25

OPTION-II: CPD Certificate
Upon successful completion of the course, a fee is payable for a CPD Accredited Diploma in PDF format or hard copy.

  • CPD Accredited Diploma (PDF format)=£30
  • CPD Accredited Diploma (Hardcopy)=£120
Postage Charges:
  • National £9
  • International £15

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