Uplatz Introduction to ERP & SAP (Video-Based) Uplatz
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Introduction to ERP & SAP course curriculum

·       ERP Definition
·       Characteristics of ERP
·       Products of ERP
·       Benefits of using ERP
·       SAP History
·       SAP Product line
·       New Products of SAP
·       Relation of New SAP Products with the core product
·       Industry specific Products
·       Type of SAP Projects
·       Type of SAP Roles
·       Architecture of SAP
·       System Landscape
·       Types of data used in the SAP system
·       How to login to the SAP system
·       SAP Client / GUI
·       SAP Session - What it is
·       How to open a new Session
·       Create new Sessions
·       Navigation between Sessions
·       Transactions and Activities
·       Shortcuts or Transaction Codes
·       SAP Easy Access screen
·       SAP IMG screen
·       Difference between Easy Access and IMG screens
; What is Enterprise Structure
ii. The different types of Enterprise Structure
iii. Company structure in real time
iv. Company structure for each process
; MM Structure against other process structure
vi. Enterprise Structure terms in real time against those used in the SAP system
vii. Definitions of the elements of enterprise structure
viii. Creation of Enterprise Structure elements in the SAP system
       a. Group
       b. Company
       c. Plant
       d. Store
       e. Purchasing Department
       f. Valuation Area
       g. Controlling Area
ix. Assignment of the Enterprise Structure elements in the SAP system
       a. Assign Company to Group
       b. Assign Plant to Company
       c. Assign Store to Plant
       d. Assign Purchasing Departments
       e. Assign Controlling Area Updated on 06 April, 2020

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