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Anti-bribery and corruption enforcement actions are rising throughout the globe. Organizations across every industry should be aware of the consequences and repercussions of corruption violations, which can be swift and severe. Countless firms have been subject to major fines and other penalties that have had a highly negative impact on their business, and many individual employees have been prosecuted on criminal charges.

This course offers a comprehensive review to bribery and corruption and their effects on business. It addresses the different forms of bribery, provides statistics on this crime, examines the legal framework, and covers the special provisions on how to report this behaviour. Additionally, the course will provide a practical, risk-based analysis of the main obligations in relation to bribery and corruption as they relate to companies and individuals.

Course Content
  • Why is Anti-Bribery and Corruption Important?
  • Offences Under the Bribery Act
  • Bribery at Work
  • The Six Principles
  • Thematic Reviews

  Updated on 26 October, 2022

Eligibility / Requirements

No prerequisites are required to attend this course

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