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    Understand food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities - the differences, the diagnoses and the treatments!
    Did you know that 1 in 10 people have food allergies - but nearly double that number believe that they have an allergy! Are you one of the millions of people who has a food allergy, sensitivity or intolerance? How can you know for sure if you have a food sensitivity? What are the tests for food allergies? How do you know if your child has a food allergy? What should you do if you have a food intolerance? This course covers everything that you need to know!
    The most common food allergies are:
    Amines (histamine)
    With this course, you'll find out how to get tested, diagnosed and treated for food allergies, as well as proven strategies for removing and replacing food in your diet, without it being a chore! Removing an item from your diet can seem like you're losing something, but we teach you how to replace it with many delicious alternatives. Updated on 02 April, 2019

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    Diet , Nutrition and Food intolerance , Food Allergies

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