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Facilitation Skills

Certificate of achievement in Facilitation Skills Level 3. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 40 CPD points available with no extra study.

Facilitation Skills Level 3. Certificate of Achievement. Build the knowledge, skills and confidence to take your career to a higher level! Study online from any location worldwide, for the opportunity to earn a Level 3 Certificate in Facilitation Skills!

Contrary to popular belief, chairing meetings and facilitation are not the same thing. The facilitator is not the seat of knowledge and wisdom, but the person responsible for driving engagement, participation and the meeting of objectives. They're not there to share their own opinions, but to encourage others to speak up and get involved. Typical examples of group activities that can benefit from Facilitation include brainstorming sessions, team building events, conflict resolution meetings, training sessions and so on. If there's a specific objective (or set of objectives) to be met, facilitation can make it happen. In the absence of facilitation, group meetings and events can be unproductive and time-wasting. With effective organisation and decisive leadership, more engaging, motivational and productive meetings are made possible.

The facilitator assumes responsibility for driving events and activities towards an effective outcome. This exclusive Level 3 Certificate in Facilitation Skills provides a detailed introduction to the skills, knowledge and leadership traits needed to succeed in the field. Get to know the role of the facilitator in-depth, along with the difference between effective facilitation and passive chairing of meetings. Study conflict resolution, how to deal with difficult dynamics and the value of nurturing engagement and participation. Ensure delegates and attendees get involved because they want to, not because they feel they have to.

Discover the limitless potential and value of proactive facilitation in the workplace, working towards an Level 3 Certificate in FacilitationSkills With no deadlines or time-restrictions, our courses are suitable for even the busiest lifestyles!

Facilitation Skills

Course Benefits
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Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, successful candidates will benefit from a rich variety of invaluable skills and knowledge, including:
  1. Significantly improved communication skills
  2. Advanced motivational and people management skills
  3. Advanced time-management and conflict-management skills
  4. The confidence to handle challenging situations
  5. Enhanced conflict management skills
  6. An understanding of effective facilitation techniques
  7. The difference between facilitation, training and chairing
  8. The confidence to climb the career ladder in a leadership role
Course Outline
This engaging Level 3 Certificate in Facilitation Skills is ideal for anyone looking boosts their knowledge and understanding of proactive facilitation in a professional setting. Course content is delivered over a series of four units, which conclude with online assessments your tutor will mark and return.

Unit 1: Facilitation, Training, and Chairing
This unit covers the following key topics:
  • Facilitation, Training, and Chairing
  • Large Group Exercise
  • Key Skills
  • Facilitation Skill Levels
  • Facilitation at a Glance
Unit 2: Thinking Types and Communication Skills
This unit covers the following key topics:
  • My Shopping List
  • Active Listening
  • Asking Questions
  • Non-Verbal Messages
Unit 3: Common Facilitation Techniques
This unit covers the following key topics:
  • Top Techniques
  • Group Preparation
  • Unit 4: Dealing with Difficult Dynamics
  • This unit covers the following key topics:
  • Managing Change
  • Five Aspects of Change
  • Myths about Change
  • Understanding the Transition
  • Transition Phases
  • The Importance of Values
Updated on 25 April, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

Facilitation Skills
No particular entry requirement
Option 1
Facilitation Skills Certificate QLS Level 3 by Quality Licence Scheme
Certificate Fee: £85 + postal charges
Option 2
Facilitation Skills Certificate issued by BOLC
PDF Certificate - FREE
Hard copy - £25 + postal charges
Option 3
CPD Accredited Certificate
(PDF format)=£30
(Hard copy)=£75 + postal charges
*Postage Charges: National £9, International £15

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